1. I don’t know your perception on budget, but the nano leaf starter light panel pack is a little on the higher side but well worth it.

  2. A simple centerpiece above your computer would be sweet, plus you can always build off of it when you get more ;) plus then it will balance out the other wall having the LEDs on your TV?

  3. Badass! It looks like an abstract, modernized taxidermy trophy haha

  4. The second one is that possible with only 1 cable?

  5. Are you referring to how it has more than 30? It’s 31 panels on one module. I know it’s above the max but my mild OCD will not allow the non symmetrical set up. So I am running it at my own risk. I figured just ONE extra panel shouldn’t hurt vs some of the people I see on here run well over that amount. It’s possible, but you run the risk of damaging the light panels or controller. One panel I figured should not overload. I haven’t had any issues yet with the panels and I’m on full brightness, no color mismatching, and no malfunctions!

  6. So beautiful! As well as the furniture 😎

  7. Thank you! It’s all a work in progress haha! Life of a nerdy blue collar worker lol.

  8. They may also have two brushes, though.

  9. Your head is just one big part now.

  10. I appreciate the peel but...why is there plastic on a piece of wood

  11. 100% chance you only see shipment every 2 hours of gameplay

  12. I am honestly okay with that. Every once in a while is tasteful. I can’t play the shipment map for more than 2 times in a row before I start to lose a grip on actual skill with the game lol. This playlist is perfect.

  13. Thank you! He is so sweet. Such a mellow shiba..

  14. It’s actually crazy how selective he is as a baby already!

  15. Love the kids who rage on mic. Doesn’t matter if you stay silent or feed into it, it’s always hilarious. My favorite kind of rage is when they just start talking shit to/about their team and blame them as to why they’re on the bottom of the leaderboard.

  16. Left out the high pitched feedback from a bad mic, and yes coughing.... Always coughing.

  17. Any bad mic signal has to be one of the worst. Steady noise is quite the disadvantage. Let’s also not forget the wanna be freestylers that just don’t stop trying to rhyme throughout the whole game 😂😂

  18. someone should edit out the car so the child looks like they're being possessed

  19. Watched it again just to imagine and that would be scary af 😂

  20. Yo, I am not the only one.. my Xbox has me going crazy. I installed this game yesterday and it’s already hard resetting after being 10-15 mins into a game while on multiplayer.

  21. Why thank you. Haha haven’t been on reddit long.

  22. Have you ever heard of splice? It’s a website (free) that is vastly collaborative and social at the same time. Check it out! Splice.com

  23. It’s not comedy, but samurai champloo was my first. Followed by yu yu hukusho.

  24. Yes. I have reference headphones I use for mixing. They’re not supposed to be for enjoyment, but are supposed to have a flat response for mixing.

  25. Wait, so does that mean if you’re mixing, you can’t enjoy it?

  26. I think it's just called cautious and smart? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  27. Hey, if advice from the experienced, emotional, analytical, and skeptical’s don’t have an effect on your personal agenda, try a paper fortune from a fast food chain! 😂🤷🏽‍♂️

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