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  1. when those same T-34's see a Tiger tank roll up: Blyet!

  2. Ewan mcgregor is scotish and is like scotish whiskey he gets better with age!

  3. i thought you would say that. hey to see a girl that reminds me of my first love minus the blue hair it really does put a smile on my face and gives me a little bit more hope for this world!

  4. always have time for a little tomboy like you!

  5. and to make it even worse they could have won it all in ww2 if they had gotten to the caucus oil fields and they were close too. if the reinforcements from siberia did not come to the aid at stalingrad the nazis would have marched right into moscow!

  6. i can't tell if this is sarcasm or not but i am going to answer you question anyway. they name is just that The soldier of 3 armies.

  7. i would not expect you to know not be condesending. sabaton is a recently formed swedish heavy metal band. their whole mantra/theme is historical wars, battles and soldiers.

  8. I like a blue haired tomboy from time to time!

  9. You know gandalf said the same thing to bilbo!

  10. I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it's very difficult to find anyone.

  11. one does not simply fly eagles into a heavily guarded area like mordor!

  12. there is a rule against no penis here i will not say anything. but i am pretty sure you my good sir have a dick!

  13. that all depends on you baby! if you want it rough then you are going to get very rough sex if you want me to go easy i will go rough but a little slower!

  14. yo do you work at a mandeville highschool because i think i have seen you somewhere!

  15. For your sake your better not have called ewan a shitty actor!

  16. good then you have nothing to worry about!

  17. Fill each one of you up till you are over flowing! and the rest lets just say its not to be said in polite company or not the internet. its that X rated!

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