1. In the Scandinavian press, the police and the Norwegian homeland intelligence, are saying he got radicalised by some fundamental Muslim groups in Norway. So out of extra caution, they advised Oslo Pride to cancel Pride, not knowing yet if his actions was a one man thing or a part of a larger group plot. People are still gathering in large groups outside the venue and laying flowers.

  2. Yes, you can. A gyno operation does nothing to hinder your ability to work on your chest muscles after you’ve healed up after the operation.

  3. Foot fetish is the most common fetish and no, you’re not a freak for this.

  4. Totally this. I’ve met the most fantastic guys that also had a foot thing. It’s not really my thing but I’m happy to play along if it makes him happy or horny. OP your foot thing is a pretty damn normal desire.

  5. No. Not in this pic anyway. You have a good looking chest and body.

  6. Fire Island was funny, cute and well made. I was pleasantly surprised. I would go for that. Have a great movie date night :)

  7. It looks a lot better. Congrats on all the hard work and good luck with your progress.

  8. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate that🙏 sometimes it can be hard to judge your own progress but hearing others’ opinions helps a lot.

  9. I totally get that. We are sometimes our own worst enemies + when changes happens gradually with oneself, then it can be harder to notice the changes. It looks so much better and your overall looks more muscular too.

  10. The guy I’m dating right now pointed at me at a bar while smiling. I didn’t know him, he was a stranger to me and we were both pretty drunk. I went over to ask him, why he was pointing his finger at me. I don’t remember his answer, but we were kissing a few seconds later. If he hadn’t pointed at me, if I hadn’t gone over to him and if we hadn’t started kissing, then I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be dating this pretty awesome guy right now.

  11. Most of my friends are former dates or hookups. It works for me :) Go for it!

  12. most of your friends probably want to sleep with you then.

  13. Haha that might be true or at least my ego wants to believe that.

  14. Jailhouse, Masken or Centralhjørnet could be places to go in the inner city. Otherwise Cafe Intim out on Frederiksberg.

  15. No, but most people there are gay men.

  16. I think also looking for guys who won’t put pressure on you.

  17. Good idea! I like the whole idea of things just being more spontaneous and no one being expected/pressured to perform only one function. Thinking about it it’s been in those kinda setups, that I’ve topped and had good fun with it. Thx 😊

  18. Just go with the flow! Tops who have some experience bottoming tend to make better tops. You’ve got all the top mojo you need!

  19. Yaa going with the flow, sounds like the way to go! Thx I’ll go share my top mojo haha

  20. So just to get this right: So right now the chrome browser wallet it out, the IOS app wallet will be here soon and there’ll be an android app version in the future. All these wallets are the same GameStop wallet right? Just on different platforms? If I downloaded the chrome browsers version for my pc, would I then have no issues downloading the IOS app version wallet when that comes out? Like would I just be logging into my GameStop wallet regardless if I do it via my phone/iOS or pc/chrome browser?

  21. I’m kinda all over the place, with how I feel about my body. It has sick moves on the dance floor and can reach things on the top shelf etc. I did have gyno, so was always unhappy about my upper body, but got the surgery and it went well + the results are good. I’m more in love with the lower part of my body, but my upper body is getting there with gym work and swimming. What helps me is to be more kind to my body. I do that by talking nicely to it, when we look at it in the mirror. I try to focus on the functions is can do for me. I also love the dimples above my butt, my biceps and my bald head. I don’t need or want to be a 100% perfect, less can do and people still find me attractive, but I think that’s a mixture of my looks, my personality and my sick dance moves lol

  22. And did you always feel this way or is this an attitude you have adopted in adulthood?

  23. I’ve always had an inner core, that has told me I’m a valuable person. The rest is an attitude or active way of thinking, that has become stronger the older I’ve gotten. Life just becomes more relaxed, when you’re not stressing about how you look all the time.

  24. Nørrebro. Elsker at gå rundt i Assistens Kirkegården under træerne og høre fuglene synge, at ligge ude på de solbagte græsplæner i Nørrebroparken og cykle ned at Nørrebroruten/Den grønne sti på min cykel. Jeg elsker larmen og livet herude og de små sidegader som emmer af ro. Derudover er man tæt på alt i København og Frederiksberg.

  25. Jeg er lige flyttet til Nørrebro efter at have boet stort set alle steder i København. Har aldrig nogensinde følt mig så godt tilpas her som noget andet sted. Der er plads til alle forskellige typer, der er trængsel og alarm, der er fancy barer, unge mennesker, fantastisk natur og mennesker der nyder deres liv i foråret. jeg er simpelthen så vild med at være her. Tror jeg bliver her for evigt, hvis ikke blackstone overtager mit lejemål ha ha .

  26. This a high class fusion of modern beats and folklore tunes. Eurovision is fantastic. MOASS or tomorrow!

  27. I think the most important thing about a job, is that you feel content doing it and that it pays a decent wage, that gives you economical freedom/possibilities. The rest is not that important in my world.

  28. I read something very similar (perhaps even the same article), and sometimes I remember it and re-think my entire life.

  29. Havbøjer som bliver brugt som forhindringer mod at biler kører igennem eller parkerer der.

  30. Finland is a bad ass nation to join NATO. They have a army of 280.000 soldiers and 900.000 in the reserve. And that’s from a population of a little over 5.500.000 mio. They’ve been putting money into their military defence capabilities, at a rate you’ve haven seen the other Nordic countries doing.

  31. Allerød Kommune’s navn er da værre - den dækker mere eller mindre kun over byen Lillerød…

  32. Hvad med byerne Lynge og Blovstrød? ;)

  33. Jeg bruger ikke cykelhjelm. Sad lige og tænkte over hvorfor egentligt. Så en TED talk engang om hvordan bilister kørte mere crazy tæt på en, hvis man havde cykelhjelm på. Derudover tror jeg det bunder i, at jeg ikke gider rende rundt med en cykelhjelm eller hövding, når jeg er færdig med min cykeltur.

  34. No you’re not wrong at all. You like what you like and just go for it. Who cares what other people think about what fun you get into behind closed doors. Congrats on a good blow job experience and hopefully many more coming your way :)

  35. Thanks! Honestly that was probably one of the best things I have ever experienced, but thats probably because it's the first time I've ever had oral sex.

  36. Haha great that you had a stellar experience. My pleasure :)

  37. Jumping on my bicycle in 2 min. time to go to work, but just had you check my favourite subreddit lol

  38. Aww hell yeah. Wish I lived close enough to bike to work. I’d have a 2hr commute if I did. Not to mention showing up drenched in sweat haha

  39. It’s like 2 km from where I live to where I work, so so don’t really build up to much sweat lol. It’s all about finding the right balance between speed on the bicycle and not smelling like donkey when I enter my office lol. Sending you some positive energy for for your commute :)

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