1. You are clearly a cool season, most likely a true summer.

  2. Possibly. But that definitely isn't enough info by itself.

  3. Ahe looks quite proud of herself 🤣.

  4. Are walk-ins supposed to have appointments? Because ones I've seen require one.

  5. Yes, some of them do require them, but definitely not all of them. You show up in the morning, get registered, and then told when to come back.

  6. I think your concept of middle class is wrong. Middle class people in the 80s and 90s didn't used to go on yearly "vacations" like you are thinking.

  7. Agree with this. Grew up basically middle class and we went to Florida once as a family. Drove the whole way. Yearly vacation? That was the rich people.

  8. Yep! Virginia Beach road trip here. And it was ammmmmazing. I still remember how exciting it was!

  9. We have a large open concept house with a high end furnace and it will go up to 21 degrees overall at most. I am putting it down to being open concept.

  10. Yes, received it too. Main Street Survey. After asking the same question 6 times it skipped to a different question.

  11. Councillor Luloff is calling for the cancellation of RTO!

  12. I went through this recently myself and was able to get an accomodation until my wife had the baby.

  13. Good on you! And congrats on the new addition 😀.

  14. What a beaty. I'm so sorry, losing a little friend is so difficult. Hope you find peace in this difficult time ❤️.

  15. Dawn's name has also been changed in this version, she's Carla.

  16. And she is called Diane in the French Canadian version.

  17. To match the cultural context, as Stacey isn’t a common name in French, while Lucie/Lucy would be more familiar.

  18. But Lucy is not really a name you see...I am francophone and I do not know a single Lucie.

  19. Looked at your previous posting and you are absolutely a light spring, no doubt about it. The light yellow on you is 🔥🔥🔥, and those colors make you look alive! Winter looks off on you.

  20. Cannot tell with the makeup on. 🤷

  21. Damn...this is unfolding into perhaps the biggest PR disaster in Loblaws' 104-year history. Above the bread price fixing scandal.

  22. Still owned by Galen Weston and Loblaws Company. 🤷

  23. Nope. Once you have worked in a toxic environment, you run like hell away from anything that even smells toxic. I would take your manager's hint.

  24. As for the ottawa bureaucrats complaining about public transit…sorry people, but Ottawa Transit has got to be the safest and cleanest system I’ve ever taken. Come take transit in the big cities for a week then go back to Ottawa. You guys have it good. Stop the entitlement.

  25. I have taken transit in many of the world's largest cities. Ours is a joke.

  26. Giroux on St-Laurent. Top notch service, and they do the tailoring themselves. Quality work.

  27. Yep. Exactly the reason we bought a single home.

  28. It depends on your own team's culture. PS is more on the casual side. If you work downtown, you might need to dress up more.

  29. Omg. I have seen people in shorts and flip flops here in the NCR 🤣

  30. Bodily autonomy and medical privacy is a conspiracy?

  31. Public health will always trump personal health. If it were the pneumonic plague spreading, which is basically almost 100% fatal without treatment, and you were refusing treatment, You would be held down and forced to take it. Bodily autonomy and medical privacy up to a point, where your rights don't infringe on someone else's right to life.

  32. Not being vaccinated doesn’t infringe on another person’s “right to life.” Batshit crazy take.

  33. Of course it does 🙄. In an epidemic, you are a walking danger. You know what is batshit crazy? Believing in antivaxxer shit.

  34. Facebook group Air Passenger Rights (Canada) would be a great place to start. It is run Gabor Lukacs, the air transport rights advocate.

  35. Compressed schedules are not a "right", the manager is allowed to end compressed schedules at any time or not allow for them outright. They literally have bo way to assess your performance at the current time and want to ensure that the workload can be managed on a regular schedule, let alone a compressed one. It is perfectly fair for them to have this position.

  36. If the only change is the person going and coming back from mat leave, to most people, it doesn't pass the sniff test and smells of reprisal for having gone on maternity leave. Maternity doesn't fry one's brain. So assuming OP is coming back to the exact same job, it is fair to assume they will get back to the same level of productivity as before 🤷.

  37. My time is worth more than the value of they food they provide. Pay me overtime at double time rate for that hour and provide food. That’s the actual fair market exchange for that time, anything less is theft. They are using people for free labour, it’s disgusting because it’s wage and time theft. It’s insulting to be treated like that, call the union and a lawyer and HR and go full scorched earth to rally against the abomination know as: Lunch and Learn. They will learn to schedule meetings and trainings on their time real fast…….

  38. Most of the time you have to provide your own lunch. Brown bag lunch and learn.

  39. Anyone know if people who handle the passport requests fall under PSAC? Wondering if I should send some paperwork in ASAP with the strike looming...

  40. Yes, but a strike wouldn't happen until at least the end of April. You should be fine if you send it in now.

  41. I know lots of Public Servants ready to strike on RTO alone before all the other BS is added

  42. Yep. For most public servants I know WFH is a hill they are ready to die on!

  43. I'm relatively new to the PS, and I really wish I never took this job. I 100% regret it. When I signed on, I was told that our dept was moving to full-time telework, but obviously that's no longer the case. I hoped that this job would be stable and allow me to move forward with other aspects of my life, but now it's the main source of uncertainty and causing so many problems.

  44. Same, I was also told this. It makes me so angry, and not sure I want to stay.

  45. AM news: Treasury Board, Public Service Alliance of Canada agree to mediation

  46. Does that mean a potential strike is off the table?

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