1. I didn't realize PPT was free now. That's like the goto software for mixed games.

  2. Only until the end of year. It’s due to them switching their servers out I believe.

  3. Bc three pair isn’t a thing

  4. I’d love to see this on an episode of Pawn Stars

  5. Go to the bank and get banded stacks of 50 $1 bills. Or rolls of $1 coins for $25 each.

  6. If he could go get a bunch of $50 stacks he’d likely have more chips. Really can’t see the issue here when chips are so cheap.

  7. It has to do with sone sort of blocker affect since it’s mixed accross the combos. I find it very useful to look at what the counterstrstegy is doing here. First thing to ask is weather or not this a value bet or a bluff. Clearly it’s a value bet but we also don’t want to get raised. Look at what combos is IP calling with. Also raising with. What hands can he have vs can’t have. I’d guess the hands that block A3s and unblock ATs and A6s are going to bet larger. So you see that largest bets doing that with the SC combo less frequently likely due to the board blocking AsTs combo with the ten. I’d think A6s it likely mixed call/fold from IP. AsAh unblocks A6s combos most and will get more value there id think. I’d also expect to see bluffs from hands like A9s, A8s, A7s at mixed frequencies assuming IP takes a double check back line with middle pockets. This is due to the 9, 8, and 7 blocking those pairs that would call. I could likely be wrong but you can uncover more about your strategy you’re trying to understand by looking at the counter strategy deeper. It’s also a better way to study.

  8. Check out the variance calculator at

  9. Lol at your passive bad beat post.

  10. More like angling tip of the week.

  11. In Super Hold 'Em you get dealt three and get to pick how many cards from your hand you use.

  12. Short answer no there isn’t. Current game of Omaha transitioned from Greek Holdem. Doyle referred to this game as “tight holdem” in his original Super System book. It was played exactly like Texas Holdem but you had to use both hole cards. This was popular in From 1960s-70s. It was introduced to the Golden Nugget in early ‘80s as a 4 card variant to add action to the otherwise “tight holdem” game. This eventually transitioned to being called Omaha Holdem, otherwise known as Omaha with a pot limit format being the most popular.

  13. I'll call almost any single raise pre on the button basically, assuming there isn't a lot of 3 betting behind me, exceptions are obviously trips in hand, 4 to a suit in hand, absolute dogshit hands, but legit you can call KQ65r in position in PLO just to see a flop. That hand still has 38% vs AA?

  14. Ladies and gentlemen a good example of what the state on NLHE looked like 20 years ago. Jump into plo while the “strong players” are still justifying atrocious plays with token terms like “pot equity” and “I’m on the button”

  15. To some of us, flush draws do feel like flips because we lose more than half the time vs them

  16. Just need to play more hands.

  17. Greg Vails books are closest to anything good you will find and good enough to turn you into a winning player. With that said, there isn’t a high bar for good PLO8 and Big O books. There are very few who stidy it from a modern standpoint like NLHE and PLO are.

  18. Depends on state laws and in some cases on city/county laws. Often unraked games -- more specifically games in which the house/host does not take any money -- are not illegal.

  19. That’s why you just provide refreshments and charge a fee for the refreshments.

  20. That’s what Scotty Nguyen said too.

  21. Then we aren't having the same conversation. I was talking about short stack v. 100bb. And, while it's totally subjective and I respect other opinions, I can't stand short stack poker and I literally called it shorter odds lottery. You're asking me questions about an issue I didn't raise. I didn't say 100bb v 200 or 400bb. I said 100b versus short stacking with minimum buy in stacks.

  22. You said “if you keep playing you have to change up your strategy”. I figured your qualms with short stack strategy is that you have to adjust strategy once you double up to 100bb or 200bb. I was asking is that not the case when you double up from 100bb to 200bb or 400bb. Also trying to figure out what real poker is? You said you’d have to play real poker after you double up twice. If you start with 100bb do you have to double up to 200bb (sane as if you start with 50bb and double up twice) before you play real poker? Wouldn’t it make more sense to buyin for 150bb then so we are only 50bb shy of playing real poker?

  23. I'm really sorry I've apparently bothered you so much with my not being incredibly precise. I'll lay it out for you. I don't like short stack, but I understand some do. Anything around 50bb or less is too short for me. 25bb is absurd, for me. So I said starting short is a bad idea. And for me, personally, short stacked isn't "real poker" but that's me being admittedly pedantic. So if you doubtle up 25bb twice to 100bb, then I'm of the opinion that you have to change strategy from short stack.

  24. Not looking to win. Trying to understand the depth of your argument. If it’s just that you don’t like short stacks and prefer the new player asking advice to buyin for a large amount so you can win more from him then just tell that to the man.

  25. Isn't it still quads in Omaha, 2 cards from your hand AQ, and 3 cards from the board AAA?

  26. Yes you are right. That’s what happens when you drunk Reddit lol.

  27. If losing a preflop AI coinflip is one of sickest bad beats you have a long way to go buddy. Go ahead and buckle up. You’re in for a ride.

  28. So you’re telling me when u flop a boat and someone goes running kings and you lose 200bb you’re saying nice hand with no emotion……yea didn’t think so

  29. Yeah that’s exactly what I’m saying. the board is really irrelevant outside of who wins or loses if you’re AI preflop. When you turn the cards over and see you’re a small favorite with JJ you can’t get bent out of shape. Bad beat would be not getting AI PF hitting a boat then getting AI for them to hit running kings. And if that’s happens I’m still saying nice hand and reloading.

  30. What game are you looking at? Recommend looking at PLO. It has more room for growth than Holdem.

  31. Maybe I should, I’m a noob so not entirely sure what PLO entails. I was going to go into hold ‘em simply because I think more average joes play it, and maybe cleaning my buddies clocks once in a while would be fun. I’ll look into PLO though. Thanks

  32. Yes PLO is a great game with a lot more profit opportunities than Holdem. If you’re playing home games, it’s often very well received as a good rotational game. Also sent you a DM.

  33. Game is still super soft on the live side. Don’t believe it? Keep browsing the Reddit posts and comments. With that said, holdem is definitely tougher overall than it was 5, 10, and 20 years ago. It is significantly tougher online. Meanwhile PLO plays like the holdem games did 20 years ago.

  34. They become less valuable with more experience and tougher competition

  35. How does deviating from GTO as competition gets tougher make sense? You deviate to exploit imbalances and leaks in an opponents strategy. As competition gets tougher with less leaks it follows your deviations should get less.

  36. As with any game preflop is important but in PLO it’s huge. Equities run so much closer so it’s easy to get yourself in marginal situations postflop that stems from playing poor hands. If you’re playing in a game where SPRs are smaller, (lots of 3b and 4b, or lots of straddles) it’s even more important. It’s easy for any for cards to hit postflop but you’re looking to play hands that can hit and have additional equity through redraws or blocking opponents value hands. You have to get your preflop down pat in plo.

  37. If you want to find games that are soft as they were during the “poker boom” play PLO. All your dreams will come true.

  38. Depends on what you are looking for but I think H2N is better regardless. If you just want a standard hud with with sone analysis PT4 is good but you can get that for free with H2N. If you want to get into deep analysis PT4 is good but it’s not even close to H2N. H2N does have a steeper learning curve though and PT4 is easier to work out the box. If you get H2N make sure you get a discount. I have a discount code if you want. DM me if interested.

  39. Yeah don’t worry about that troll. Depends on what region you are in as to what’s available and what you play. In US you have Bovada/Ignition which is super soft. Chico network is also very soft. ACR/BCP is a popular option but significantly tougher. In Canada you have a few more options. Most important is to find a soft site. Second most important is to maximize rakeback. DM me to find out how to get rakeback on top of what the site offers.

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