1. Thank you. I always pictured this in OPM. Also, Sprongle. Perfect.

  2. Yemeni Restaurant. 100% this place is amazing. Cleveland Ave. Get anything. Guy makes everything from scratch every day.

  3. Bendi Wok n Bar on Livingston in GV. Southeast Asian, crazy drinks, great food, pork wings.

  4. Amazing place, owner makes everything from scratch every day.

  5. Happy birthday! Thanks for all your hard work, and for surprising us with the new drops.

  6. I will definetely get a mouse with more buttons as soon as I can afford it

  7. I know this is another throw money at the problem solution, and I'm still not clear if the thumb is in play. There's things like the Tartarus 2 from Razer that give you a thumb stick and free up all your fingers for keys if getting new equipment is an option.

  8. If you're looking for something in a drinkable raspberry flavor: Jackie O's Razz Wheat. Available at most stores.

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