1. I think it’s the economic decline but that’s just me. I only shop the deals so I’m on par with before the surge!

  2. Do you know the lineage of the rain strain? Also have you tried it and how is it if so?

  3. Hahaha i want whatever you were smoking on. All recommendations welcomed! Lmao

  4. How’d you sleep last night? Did you do a full dose? I love CBN myself wanna know how the sweet dreams treated you.

  5. Wish i could smell this! Looks like one helluva experience!

  6. What else have you tried that you like almost as much as this?

  7. Wont spend too much time commenting on this non sense, your opinion is simply what is trash. Ohio hasn’t even had medical marijuana for 5 years yet, also its NOT capped at 70% when i currently see products at 78%, also SOME cartridges simply don’t taste as good as others and that’s going too happen no matter WHAT or WHERE you purchase it from. You must have literally never smoked a good Ancient Roots live rosin cart, the botanist carts, and the live resin luster pods. You sound very much uneducated and very fucking stingy. Be grateful there’s even medical marijuana in the first place. You probably aren’t even an OHMMP

  8. It is capped at 70% with a 10% variance. I don’t like it as a consumer because of what i see in recreational markets when it comes to potency. But i also know the quality in those markets isn’t nearly as high as Ohio.

  9. How would you describe the effects with the increased terps? Compared to a regular sour blue cart?

  10. I hate when the brain matter and mouth mix. It truly pains me to think about the process of forcing the teeth into the brain or visa versa

  11. Those aren’t popcorn. They put the premium buds in clear bags and the “smalls” in the opaque bags. Great deal!!! You got a steal!

  12. This is fire!! Dope talent you got on your hands.

  13. I’m interested in the unpublished world. The BEAUTY in it is that every gore situation is different and mostly unseen. Gore keeps me humble.

  14. Amplify on Coventry. Stack discounts and always have a huge selection of a bunch of cultivators. No waiting outside!!!

  15. Thanks! That’s where I’m gonna go! Do you happen to know their veterans discount? I didn’t see it on the website.

  16. This shit is fire. Hits quick and it’s a great ride even for high dose people just don’t last as long for me. Definitely worth it. I suggest the pink lemonade one too!

  17. they could easily set up the texting "wait in line" system that bloom uses. so ridiculous for the elderly and ill to be in the rain

  18. agreed they need to do something but that system is almost as bad, but at least you dont have to stand and wait

  19. i like disposables for the sake of trying something without the the required device, but they're wasteful imo

  20. Galenas, Certified, and Grow Ohio (Pure Ohio Wellness) are my favorite. Grow Ohio is creepin on a come up. They've had some really good buds lately.

  21. POW and Grow Ohio are two different cultivators but both put out some great stuff. Love Grow Ohio’s luster pod selections

  22. Really?! I thought they were one in the same. Thanks for the CORRECT info 😂 I think I knew that and my brain just mixed up Pure OHIO Wellness and Grow OHIO at the moment. Grow Ohio makes the Butterfly Effect pods, correct? If so...agreed on the luster. Layer Cake is one of my favorites.

  23. Yeaaaaa definitely! No worries. I’m still confusing brands/cultivators so thought I’d share my new found knowledge 😂. And yes Grow Ohio produces the Butterfly effect line

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