1. Sometime in January i believe. Haven’t heard a set day.

  2. That living soil baby! Give the plant what she loves

  3. The LA KUSH CAKE is my favorite out the the two. But the cherry dosidos is flavorful!

  4. Preorders have priority at Amplify in Cleveland heights. A drive if cuyahoga is your go to but worth it for sanity

  5. $1000/month is about my average. I shop the deals though.

  6. Different Folks, Different Tokes. I loved the Kiwi Jack Luster. Is that the only one you’ve tried?

  7. no, I had Tropical Trip also, and it didnt feel over done on any of the flavor notes and it just tasted awesome!this one tasted overly sharp on the fruitiest notes

  8. I totally get what you’re saying i just didn’t have the same experience.

  9. Amplify has 5.66 of robots for $57 +tax. #steal

  10. this post made me get up and spend an hour cleaning my rig with iso and hot water (true story)

  11. Youforia is my FAVORITE STRAIN in the program right now! She does me right every time!

  12. Did you actually have diamonds? Mine was very upsetting upon opening.

  13. I’ve been to this place and it’s a head shop at the end of the day! They do have a ton on CBD flower that’s good quality for Ohio standards. The only resemblance they have to an actual dispo is that they are “cash only” but have a clover tablet that is usable lol

  14. Is the cash only new? I live right nearby and have always used card

  15. I have no idea I’ve been twice. The first time i used my card and the guy looked at me and said this is a cash only store…and then insisted that it was okay and that next time i would have to use the ATM. So I’ve paid with card once and cash once.

  16. I think it’s the economic decline but that’s just me. I only shop the deals so I’m on par with before the surge!

  17. Do you know the lineage of the rain strain? Also have you tried it and how is it if so?

  18. Hahaha i want whatever you were smoking on. All recommendations welcomed! Lmao

  19. How’d you sleep last night? Did you do a full dose? I love CBN myself wanna know how the sweet dreams treated you.

  20. Wish i could smell this! Looks like one helluva experience!

  21. What else have you tried that you like almost as much as this?

  22. How would you describe the effects with the increased terps? Compared to a regular sour blue cart?

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