1. Jesus christ just play the game you paid for.

  2. Let me get this straight, your mad that he’s being kind and giving away some something that’s his?

  3. That’s because compounds are hard. People don’t like to do hard things.

  4. Yea that’s kinda what I’ve chalked it up to. But that’s the other awesome thing about them, they burn more calories than isolation work. I don’t have to diet very hard to stay pretty lean. I mean I watch what I eat, but you know what I’m saying.

  5. Well, lifting doesn’t burn many calories in general. Any time you spend lifting, you would burn more calories just walking during that time, literally.

  6. Oh yea for sure. Yea I can tell I’m burning calories the next day after a hard lift, feel like a damn furnace at work lol. Definitely more efficient ways to burn calories if that’s strictly the goal.

  7. Lol I like the title. But I can relate. Makes me nervous when that happens.

  8. Encouraging dumb things is a pointless exercise in self aggrandization

  9. sure you did the wrong thing every day for a year, ran the risk of injury and wasted tons of money, but at least I didn't have to have an uncomfortable conversation or make myself out to look like a bad guy, ay?

  10. Damn. You sound miserable my man.

  11. Guy is well practiced dealing with asshole's who leave their unsecured dogs out.

  12. Exactly. I drive for UPS and had to get 15 stitches up my arm from a PitBull. The owner of course blamed everything but the dog. I told her I wouldn’t deliver to her place anymore if that dog is out so she called the center and my boss told her the same thing.

  13. Very cool, thanks for sharing!

  14. And the blood of the children.

  15. HAHA CLASSIC! God they’re fucking stupid

  16. Lol I have been told that’s me. I had a coworker, who is now my best friend, tell me “when I first saw you I thought for sure you would be an asshole, then I talked to you” I was like thanks man..I think lol.

  17. I wouldn’t want irresponsible junkies leaving stuff like that around. Especially if there’s children and/or pets that are in that area.

  18. Believe me, no junkie would just leave a brick of cocaine.

  19. It was a weird dinner. Made tacos and ate two with regular flour tortillas. Counted about 45-50 carbs for the meal total so put that in the pump. Well, instead of eating and sitting around like usual I decided my lawn needed mowing, so, I did it. 99 degree heat was not great especially when the insulin kicked in. You can see it go from about 190 or so to low pretty quickly. Took about 30 min or so to do yard. Anyway. When I took the pic I had already had enough carbs (i thought) to get me back to normal, it just takes the pump awhile to catch up! That insulin on board a was prob still accurate.. I ate and did yard in about an hour time span.

  20. Hey man I get it. Diabetes isn’t a perfect science, and life can get in the way for sure. I’ve been there to. Glad your ok though!

  21. Hope you’re ok! Low at 48, double arrows/dropping, and 9 units on board! Check in to let us know you’re ok 😊

  22. No kidding, this is already an emergency situation. Then I saw the 9 units…I hope they are ok.

  23. Hey there. I worked on a ranch for a couple summers years ago. What I remember was constantly fighting low blood sugars, it’s just the nature of hard work like that. Quite often your also a ways from help so I’d just make sure to pack a lot of snacks and even a glucagon. Im sure you already kinda figured that. Sorry I’m not much more help.

  24. No chance he “caught a German soldier” lol, even military dogs can be beaten off or simply shot/stabbed, this little guy would’ve been punted over Poland

  25. That’s exactly what I thought. The anthropomorphism on this site is taken to far sometimes lol. No way did that thing alone hold down a German soldier.

  26. I don’t need them but I wanted to say I appreciate you doing this. Diabetic supplies are a struggle for anyone without really good insurance.

  27. "my extreme anxiety for a kid crying" is just reddit language for "I'm incapable of taking responsibility". What a bitch lmao. Thank you

  28. Lol there’s some truth to that. Reddit community loves pulling the mental illness card, they are always victimizing themselves.

  29. OMFG I'm so fucking exhausted by the constant posts and comments about "I'm like X because I've got ADHD" and "neurotypicals don't know blah blah"

  30. I know this probably isn’t what you want to hear, but this is what I did. I ended up choosing a career solely based on the insurance. I luckily was on my parents insurance until I was 26. I’m 28 now. On my 27th birthday I applied at UPS and have been there ever since. The benefits are amazing, can’t get any better. I don’t pay a dime out of pocket for my insulin, my pump, or any of my diabetic supplies. Everything is fully covered.

  31. I’d definitely consider it if I was you. It’s probably the hardest job I’ve ever had and I’ve always worked manual labor jobs. Buts it’s worth it to stick it out. I started loading trucks part time, which you will still get the full benefits doing that. After a year I ended up getting a driving job. Drivers make around 41$ an hour.

  32. It's 2022, why are you taking a photo, with flash, of someone else's phone screen?

  33. Bruh…who cares. Why did you pester this man over something like that lol.

  34. Lmao can you postpone the surgery til November for scarlet and violet 🫡

  35. Lol 😂 that’s a positive outlook!

  36. This would've been considered almost virgin ground by WW1 standards.

  37. Lol no kidding. The size of those battles and the losses were staggering. The stories of guys just dying in the mud that the artillery created is pretty crazy to.

  38. Oh fuck off. "Only course of action". Meanwhile police in actual first world and educated countries can deal with this without lethal force.

  39. Have you ever left the USA? I can assure you it is a first world country.

  40. Yep. 1st world in money. 3rd world in politics, laws, government, safety, gun violence, worker rights, homelessness, minimum wage... list goes on and on...

  41. I’ll take that as a no. Go live in India and then come back and tell me how third world you think your country is.

  42. I think so. I was really drunk, I do remember bits a pieces. What I know for sure is that I wasn’t into her and I was to drunk to consent to anything. I could hardly walk for Christ’s sake.I woke up to her giving me a limp bj. I wasn’t sure what to do.

  43. I went to diabetes camp as a kid too!! Some of my best memories. Definitely agree with you.

  44. Yeah, I love lifting but I've never understood people who chase that sort of mass. I don't want so much muscle it interferes with my range of motion and honestly it just looks freaky. Most women much prefer the Brad Pitt from Fight Club look to the my dad was a gorilla look.

  45. People don’t get to that size for the women.

  46. A concerning number of people chose human..What the fuck Reddit…

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