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  1. that’s awesome! New Zealand is a bucket list item for me. congratulations sir!

  2. If the meat is on at this point, you might want to wait more in the future. That thick, white smoke has a lot of creosote in it, which has an acrid flavor. You only want to see a little smoke coming out when you put the meat in.

  3. that was at the start up, it dissipated in a few minutes and then the meat went on

  4. That's good, I was worried you were cooking with that thick white stuff. Update when you're done!

  5. had my sister and her family over and everyone was very happy with the final product! success!!

  6. i know it’s off topic but you have a badass looking dog

  7. holy shit bro! you fucked up her car!!! LOL

  8. Great looking buck!! congratulations!!

  9. excellent buck! what part of the world did you find this guy?

  10. bro I think “this one” killed your versa as well

  11. “surveying the land for a strip club that will be built here”

  12. A co-worker once told a neighbor lady "We're laying out for Billy Bob's Porn Emporium. It'll be the largest adult video complex in the country." When we were actually working on a Grade School in an upscale neighborhood.

  13. the most successful bow hunting day of my life happened earlier this year where I was able to harvest a buck in the morning hunt and a doe in the afternoon hunt.

  14. have pics of this guy dating back to 2020 when we thought he was 3.5-4.5 yrs old. hoping to get a shot at him mid-November!

  15. If you have been licensed for 13 years you should have no problem handling a “project surveyor “ role with little stress. It really depends how the firm is set up. for example

  16. i’m thinking 3-1/2. neck looks thin to be 4 IMO

  17. Brady is a really cool area. nice job on the harvest!

  18. He’s a 2 year old. That’s a super young buck. He could have been a giant in 3 years there I almost no way to tell on a typical 8.

  19. you are taking a pretty aggressive stance for seeing one picture of this deer. Also, are you familiar with deer in west texas? they don’t get to be very big. but it sounds like i’m not gonna convince you so i’ll just agree to disagree

  20. we think this buck is genetically inferior and needs to be culled out of the heard…take him!!

  21. sassy brat…as if that is something to be proud of 🤦🏻‍♂️

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