AITA for forbidding my sister to meet my child and telling my wife to butt out of the situation?

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  1. Sorry but I've yet to meet a sahd that does everything a samd does. It's normally just the dad staying home with the kid and watching them but the working wife is still managing the entire household and mental task load

  2. I have two couple friends where the dad is the stay at home parent. One of them actually does a GREAT job. But yeah no, the other one - exactly this. It’s annoying to watch.

  3. Personally, it makes me more apathetic. I still use it recreationally, but every other day would probably not go well for me (I would not get anything done).

  4. Really? I guess I could see how that happens but I pretty exclusively use sativas and they don’t mellow me out quite so much.

  5. Ahhh sativa tends to make me a little anxious, so I usually use indica

  6. i find a lot of the time he mentions things right before bed. so it doesn’t make sense for me to get up, get dressed, and Do the Thing. so i say i’ll do it in the morning and then i wake up late (like i do every day) and i’m rushing and i just forget.

  7. Ahhh in that case maybe ask him if he can ask you the when he notices it/when it starts bothering him instead of waiting til bedtime. And just explain what you just said to me.

  8. yeah. i just set a reminder in my phone to do chores when i get home from work. cause i’d really like to get to a place where he doesn’t have to ask me at all

  9. Yeah, it honestly took me awhile to get in a good habit. But I’m pretty good at staying on top of chores now!

  10. Unless this is very temporary, honestly? It doesn’t sound like a fulfilling relationship.

  11. She was in jail at first but was released to house arrest during the pandemic (they were trying to reduce the prison population)

  12. Maybe rabbit? It was just the lunar new year, and it’s the year of the rabbit. Sounds like it at least, depending on the cut.

  13. He didn't realize he could go to his medical provider and request a DNA comparison. Believe it or not, that's actually not common knowledge.

  14. I mean, to be fair, it is common knowledge for most people lol Lots of tv shows, movies, etc. Have this play out (think any medical show, the movie Elf, etc.)

  15. Hey there! My notes said things like “suspected endometriosis” “suspected endometrioma”, but it was just a formality while waiting for the biopsies to confirm. But she told my boyfriend that it was stage 2 and she felt 99% confident, blah blah blah.

  16. PSA: No one cares and is taking medical advice from you, Victoria. Keep injecting your face though.

  17. So basically, I’ll just say this: he will only change if he recognizes it’s a problem and wants to change.

  18. I had no guidance or support to applying for schools when I graduated high school, my parents weren't any help. Also I had no way of paying for college.

  19. I mean not everyone needs to go to college, but wtf is your excuse for stealing a job via fraud instead of just finding literally any other job?

  20. I just got banned today too!!! Someone asked for a way to get better without meds and I recommended diet. Ban.

  21. Yeah I’ve never used that sub, but Jesus. I’m one of the unfortunate who can’t tolerate the stimulants (I am thinking of looking into some of the non-stimulant options though).

  22. I really wish more people would ask themselves these questions before committing to a partner 😬

  23. NTA - I hate when people blame shitty behaviors on their ADHD and expect others to just put up with it.

  24. Any advice on what beans? I’ve got a 50lb bag of long grain rice selected too, is there any particular brands to avoid? Huge thanks to you and everyone else advising ❤️

  25. Question: are you also a teenager? If not, I would actually advise you don’t go through with this gesture.

  26. His mom has played with us quite a bit too and another mutual gamer/friend has stopped by for dinner while passing through the area before so it wouldn’t be completely off for an adult to interact with his parents through him. But I do agree with what you’re saying after thinking about it. I think I’m going to just send them a ready meal that’s in line with what I’ve heard him talk about eating in the past with a gift card and note? Or should I just have a digital card sent to his email maybe? I don’t want to make his parents feel worse than I’m sure they do already at all but I don’t feel like I can let that get in the way of them going hungry either? Do you have any suggestions? I’m sure I could find his mom or dads email/phone numbers.. maybe that would be a more respectable route although it’s definitely weirder, but it would save them any embarrassment they may feel if I involve their son at all.

  27. I would recommend maybe the e-gift card with a nice note addressed to the whole family? Something along the lines of just “wanting to send a gift of appreciation to you all”. (Mailing a physical gift card with a note would work as well) You can phrase it however, but I would recommend making it seem like a random, out-of-the-blue gift you are sending to an online friend and his family. And not give any sort of hint of it being charity to avoid embarrassment.

  28. Thank you, I have, but seem to get a mixed response as in "we can diagnose you" and then them talking about me going to someone else. I now live across the country from them and wondering if this paper will get me anywhere.

  29. Ahh it’s a psychologist. So basically they can diagnose you but cannot prescribe medication. I had a therapist who was a psychologist and pretty much did the same thing when I needed medication for anxiety (gave me a letter with the diagnosis to give to my pcp). I happened to have gotten diagnosed with ADHD by a psychiatrist.

  30. I mean, they would be the AH for sure, but it’s his friend’s grandfather

  31. This is definitely above Reddit's paygrade

  32. Exactly my first thoughts. I don’t think the wife should be doing this against his wishes, but she probably also thinks the reasons for estrangement are insane.

  33. She doesn’t have the option to think these boundaries are insane, because they have been in place and unchanged since before he ever met her.

  34. ….did you read my comment at all? Lol you’re just expanding on exactly what I said.

  35. I used to have these! I switched to Methocarbamol though, because the only downside is that with these, you have to lay down for awhile for them to work/be absorbed. Which just wasn’t super convenient, but they worked really well for me!

  36. I thought these were hysterical - especially Holland’s 😂

  37. INFO: when people make these vague posts it’s usually because they’re hiding something that makes them look bad. So I feel like I need to know what kind of falling out this was.

  38. If you look at his history, you can find what the incident was. Basically it sounds like he was flirting with other women when out with the husbands and they told his wife (or had their wives tell her maybe). He got pissed that they told her instead of coming to him first.

  39. You’re from Long Island - it’s not normal, you are just insane.

  40. I assumed most influencers owned their places? Am I just being naive?

  41. In LA? I highly doubt it. But possibly in other places!

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