1. Something is way, way off if you’re having trouble sleeping that far out.

  2. Check bill Campbell’s insta. There was a post with a link to a study for this within the last couple months.

  3. Should be able to pull that with ease! Looking good, wicked quads

  4. I'd become comfortable with the idea of not receiving one.

  5. For sure considering I'm almost 5 weeks. I just thought I'd have one during the course of prep

  6. That's something I would have discussed many, many weeks ago with your coach. However, if you're already ready, easily have enough time to raise calories for a short while. But like I always tell people, you're paying someone so ask/listen/communicate with them.

  7. Looking good king, im curious about the tattoo cover up, does it really look as good as non tattoed skin? Im thinking about a bodysuit, mostly blackwork, and I thought I should give up bodybuilding or wait until my career as a bodybuilder is over If you have some pics with them covered up it would be nice, ty g By the way, really nice tattoos and shoulders looking huge

  8. This sub could lose 75lbs instantly if you fk off.

  9. This is a horrible idea. Why not just take the time to put in the work and achieve the physique you’re wanting? Slapping tren for 4-6 weeks isn’t going to mask hard work in the long term.

  10. Sex drive is gone for me, yeah :D

  11. Good chance you'd benefit from a few days of reduced cardio.

  12. Enjoy eating all that food. 30 lbs of stage weight is no small task.

  13. You’d be surprised what you could do with 3-4 years of pure dedication.

  14. You are 100 times better than i’m rn but i just wanted to say you probably could use some more twisting on your side poses so you can show your chest an your other arm more, probs it would help with showing your lats more too

  15. Pillows - stay down and warm w feet elevated most of the day

  16. Read “Spark”, a book by John Ratey, MD.

  17. Yay so glad we got an update. You look great! Personally, I think you have the best flow and aesthetics of this group.

  18. Now. Do I do updates leading into the next show ?

  19. I haven’t competed and I don’t have any competitions arranged right now but they usually begin in April in the UK and I’ve had a rep from NABBA reach out and say I’d do well. If I’m still holding decent condition by then, I might give it a go. Posing needs work massively, like I don’t even think my hamstrings are flexed there, whereas from the side they do have a little bit of hang at least.

  20. Ya, your hams leave a lot to be desired. But everything else is fucking golden man, solid physique.

  21. 300k where I live will buy me a burnt down shed in the hood with land that isn’t up to code to build on and no connections to the city water or electric

  22. Poor stack design. Exposing yourself to unneeded risk. Mg load too high, you can grow on less.

  23. 3rd in class. Overshot a few things and came off stage, was 202. Needed to be 195-196 at most. Check in weight say before was 192.

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