1. Not at all. He’s below average based solely on his looks.

  2. He's definitely not below average lol. Indian average is pretty low and he's not lower than that.

  3. Explains why people considered Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan to be handsome. Amrish Puri must have been a super model.

  4. https://giphy.com/gifs/jIITRmFUDaTDJXi7is

  5. What's that background music sounds good

  6. Obvious satire, don’t know why so many people aren’t getting it…

  7. Syuri and Tetsuya Naito vs Utami Hayashishita and Kazuchika Okada

  8. Doesn't NJPW World already have more subscribers than Wrestle Universe?

  9. I imagine they would like to do it, but if I'm not wrong, NJPW World is partly owned by TV Asahi and they have nothing to do with STARDOM. CyberFight completely owns Wrestle Universe so there are no complications or conflict of interest.

  10. I've lived there half my life. WWE is huge there.

  11. They would absolutely pop for Dominick Mysterio.

  12. Significantly higher than it was in 2019. Back then, the biggest Stardom shows were held at Korakuen Hall and drew between 700-900 fans on average. Today, Korakuen Hall shows are medium sized Stardom shows and almost always draw well over 1,000 fans. The biggest Stardom shows are now held in larger arenas that sit 1,500-3,000 fans.

  13. I mean among Western fans, not in Japan.

  14. They are more well known outside of Japan due to stuff like getting western Wrestling media coverage that they didn't get back then. It's a bit hard to quantify because Stardom hasn't run shows outside of Japan by themselves.

  15. Who are more popular in North America? Stardom wrestlers or TJPW? TJPW wrestlers have not just worked in AEW but also been booked by the Indies while Stardom wrestlers only appeared at the NJPW New York show after 3 years.

  16. Should Kairi really be the one who takes the belt from Saya before Mina though? We know it's going to be a long reign anyway.

  17. I'd have to disagree. I think while some of them may be good with the insults and words, many of them do lack in the delivery and body language. Too many of them (mostly the younger members of the roster) just hold the mic and stand there talking without doing anything else to sell the promo. Body language, facial expressions--they all matter just as much as the words do. I'm sure many will disagree with this but I stand by it--being a good promo is as much about skill and experience on the mic as it is about 'talent'. People don't just become good promos out of the blue. It's a learned skill. That's why the veterans are almost always the better promos.

  18. Anyone in particular you're talking about?

  19. I saw clips of this match and Mina kicked out of the Phoenix splash at the end. Her shoulder was up before 3 but the ref counted it I think cause the injury. So was Mina gonna win or was there more to go but the injury made them end it there? It was very weird cause Mina clearly kicked out before 3 or mina was just loopy after the accident and kicked out on accident. Idk but I hope she gets better and her and Saya go at it again and Mina takes that belt.

  20. I assume it was supposed to be a 3 count but Mina kicked out on accident. No way she was supposed to kick out after 2 Phoenix Splashes. Referee probably just went along with the planned finish.

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