1. Wait..are these the characters age or the actors age?

  2. I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on the 4k extended edition ddition lotr box set. Just don't know if I wanna spend like 70 bucks for it.

  3. Man...remember when he went to arbitration last and this sub lost their mind cause they thought he was underpaid.

  4. Give them a lowercase r. reformed not Reformed

  5. LG launches the first "mostly wireless" TV**

  6. I've been going to Refined Studios for the past year in Bloomington and I've really liked my haircut. Price is about 30 dollars for a haircut and it's about 45 minutes.

  7. A lot of these guys on this list are not reformed

  8. This is the scene where I gave up on the Sequels

  9. Idk man. I think "The Water and the Blood" is an S Tier album and it's...well not here

  10. As someone who plays electric guitar at church Austin Stone's stuff is pretty nuts

  11. My jaw dropped the first time I saw this one, season 1 Michael is something else!

  12. People are usually dumb and weird. They tie themselves to a console, sport team, political party, or religion.

  13. Would you say being tied to a console and sports team as being the same thing to being tied to a religion? Or at least similar?

  14. Except it does. Have you read Philemon?

  15. Huh, Jay was at the game? Cool. How many picks did he throw?

  16. I’m in the minority but I’d prefer starting Williams. He is being asked to guard the other team’s best player night in and night out, and that’s valuable alongside Vuc/Zach/DeRozan, who all are subpar defenders. Let him grow and we’ll be better for it in March.

  17. I agree with you on P-Will disagree with you on Ayo. Dragic is playing really well right now and I am glad to see either of them on the floor. Coby not so much.

  18. It’s easy. A candidate is either pro-choice or pro-life it’s on your ballot quite easily. It’s the human rights issue of our day. Millions of children are murdered each year, while you vote for it because Carl Marx has convinced a generation that we must tear down our society and rebuild it based on secularism. You liberal-voting guys nuance your way into justifying all sorts of silliness. The democrat party platforms AGAINST God, they hate God and want to push forth all sorts of evils that blaspheme God. That is their agenda, and it’s not silent.

  19. I'm more surprised that you think conservatives are prolife. Maybe I'm just jaded

  20. When I was a young boy it was Two Towers > RotK > Fellowship.

  21. Why is your pet peeve at the power supply and not just the pedal that won't turn off? Your pet peeve seems misplaced to me.

  22. It depends on the board I suppose. I’m running a couple of the Holeyboards right now and if you place the power supply underneath the raised section and close to the edge, it is very easy to locate and trigger your on/off switch

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