1. Ah I should've known the people that think I'm wrong have zero historical knowledge

  2. The US never does anything it shouldn’t according to these people. It’s also funny to me that the US can legitimately help AN ACTOR get elected, but there’s zero acting going in terms of legitimacy of this war…

  3. It is like the most popular kid in the classroom leading his clique to support his friend getting bullied by the class bully. Nothing wrong with that.

  4. If you think this balloon just snuck up on us and we didn’t know about it before it crossed our borders your quite hilarious…

  5. This has big “whoaaaa don’t come at me” energy like he doesn’t like getting called out

  6. So why would they choose to do this as opposed to using one of their many satellites? What kind of info can they gather this way that they can’t from orbit?

  7. Literally because they can. China does little without us knowing. This is just a “fuck around and see what you do” move.

  8. Lounge access all day. At least there’s a free drink and snacks involved with a seat with a power outlet that actually works.

  9. If it doesn’t matter so much then would you drive during those times without insurance if you could? 🤔

  10. This chart is fascinating both equally for the data and it’s terrible formatting

  11. As far as I can tell TSA doesn't give a shit about weed anymore, at least for normal (not trafficking) amounts. I flew recently and, when we were taking stuff out of our bags in the security line, for some reason when they asked about the normal stuff (liquids, electronics larger than a cellphone, etc.) they asked the lady in front of me if she had any medications in her bag. I've literally never heard them ask that before so I was confused, and I'm guessing she was too because she paused and quietly said "I just have..." and the TSA agent cut her off to say "We don't care about weed" and left it at that.

  12. Literally had a TSA guy in Denver see a preroll and say “I don’t care man”… as I stammered about stupidly…

  13. First date == bad date flying. She’ll think you were rude I’m not talking to her plus she shouldn’t like you for the flying…

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