1. You can expect one of the best finales in AHS history. The best, in my opinion. It’s incredibly artistic and well done.

  2. Horror doesn’t have to be supernatural. AIDS, murder, there’s a lot of horror in the show.

  3. It is but I want it to be portrayed more horrifically. I just miss the flow of the early seasons and how visually terrifying it was.

  4. This season reminds me more of Asylum and Freakshow which were more grounded and realistic about horror. Those are personally my favorite seasons.

  5. Yes! I just finished re-watching Asylum after believing is was overrated for a long time. Now, it's in my top 4. & I have always enjoyed freak show!!!!!

  6. He just went through a traumatic experience of cutting his own hand off in the last episode and now they are just taking a stroll on the beach 😂😅.

  7. I haven’t been able to watch the episodes live the past couple weeks and have caught them on Hulu the next day. Really haven’t missed these extensive commercial breaks.

  8. Terriffier was a really solid and interesting horror movie. If you are a fan of gore and lots of blood and violence (in just movie and tv I hope lol) you can appreciate it. If you like more subtle horror with little to ant of those elements maybe not.

  9. bad fortune has been my favorite so far for most of the reasons you mentioned but I also fucking loved the shower scene at the end w/ patrick/geno/barb

  10. My favorite so far as well! And yes, the shower scene was soo trippy, I loved it!

  11. The Tarot readings were fucking AWESOME! Kathy’s parlor gives me Madame Xanadu vibes. I’m also into Fran, she’s a fun character who I hope gets more time soon.

  12. It was very interesting and felt like nostalgic AHS! And what's Madame Xanadu?

  13. Oh baby he (or she!) won! Look at the posture, it's so regal!

  14. Agreed. I enjoyed the last 2 episodes that I watched but the reason I am literally watching AHS Asylum as we speak is because I miss the earlier seasons. 🩸😌

  15. Jessica is without question the most talented actress on the cast but later seasons what character would she play. Her seasons were written around her. She was the star the lead always. I can't see how an older aged woman as lead would fit in many of the later seasons. They'd obviously have to create a character for her specifically. And it'd have to fit. It isn't like Sarah or Evan who can get shoehorned into a number of characters. I can think of many seasons were they both could have switched characters and it'd still work. If Jessica wasn't the ringleader in 4 I could see her being what Maggie was supposed supposed be a fortune teller

  16. Back when the show wasn’t just a woke pandering pile of crap.

  17. I’d also add this emoji 🤰which I definitely didn’t see coming this season and still have a lot of questions about.

  18. Okay….interesting. 🤔 I am very curious now…even more curious.

  19. Double feature had better beginning episodes and I despise that season. 🥱….let’s try again next week.

  20. I know this song (whatever it’s called) from bride of chucky I think 🔪🤔

  21. Yep. Call Me by Blondie. Also from American Gigolo.

  22. One of my favorite seasons. Dream doll is a good rapper. I have many of her songs in my playlist. I like to watch wiintrr’s lives although I didn’t initially b/c of how she and dream bullied kailey but they both got what they deserved at the time. Persuasion got beat up by Chrisean rock 🤣 And the rest, forgettable. Just my take.

  23. Let’s be honest here, the main reason fans Stan so hard for Kai.

  24. He did! I should not romanticize a psycho (fictional or not) but omg….🤤 he was as you put it PHENOMENAL! Evan Peters when he is portraying crazy just does it for me if you know what I mean. 😉🤤😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. I’m currently in a rewatch period of Coven and I always come back to it as it was just THAT good. So well executed, acted, the costumes, the location, the magic/witchcraft 😩…it was soooo good! I love everything about it.

  26. All the earlier season so 1-4 I would say. The later seasons promotions were…meh. Something was missing!

  27. Agreed. Though I lean a bit more toward Halloween and/or attention seeking rather than fashion: I.e. The effing delusional dumpster fire that is self styled as a trés original, edgy fashionista - Julia Fox 🫢 (and that would be interpreted as justifiable pure shock and awe at her magnificence)

  28. Yes! Attention seeking and more Halloween costume like. Oh and Julia Fox yeah she’s a try to hard 😂😂😂

  29. Yea I mean they're just kind of aimless? Like what's going on here?

  30. I would like a period piece season for sure. Not specific milkmaids though. Just that era

  31. I liked S4 BGC Natalie but this Natalie needs to retire😂. She is older and a mother and wife who needs to be more exemplary for them. Her voice is shot and the weight is slowing her reaction time down. She is trying so hard to remain relevant and getting beat up in the process. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  32. I do an annual rewatch around this time of year. I’m up to Hotel! I’m determined not to skip Roanoke and Cult this year lol.

  33. Awesome! Hotel was enjoyable for me once I could get into the story which took be about 4 different rewatches 🤣🤣. And yes give cult and Tia some a chance, you might like it!

  34. I love Stevie Nicks since I was a kid. Her music just being in the episode made me happy. I wouldn’t have ever thought that she’d be in it. I love Coven so much because of that. I mean, then mentioned her so much as well, but I would have never thought she’d be in it, kinda blew me away a little bit.

  35. I was unfamiliar with Stevie Nicks prior to AHS. Cult is decent, I only watch for Kai really💙🤣. I also did not like 1984 either. I thinks it’s because the summer prior to its release I watched nothing but 80’s horror films so it felt like I had seen it before.

  36. It’s crazy because I wasn’t alive when Clueless came out but I’ve watched it within the last 3 years and it blows my mind that is Cher💛.

  37. I also got ‘Death Becomes Her’ vibes from this one.

  38. That’s what most people have replied and said ! I’ve never seen the movie myself however. It’s on Amazon Prime but it’s not included in my prime package so I would have to pay to watch unfortunately.

  39. tbh, the pig was expected, ahs just loves pigs for a reason lol

  40. You’re right! After Roanoke I shouldn’t have been surprised. 🐷

  41. I was kind of hoping that the twist would be that she would have to start stealing faces from other people, the doctor would provide the first one for her, but she'd have to start stealing more and more. It would also be a play on the title "facelift"

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