1. "iT was the vAcCiNe".........not every cardio related injury or condition is because of this dam vaccine. In this particular case, being out of shape and over reaching is a damn good enough reason.

  2. Very slightly tempted to get this and complete the game once, and claim to be the GTA: San Andreas (Smart Watch) speed run world record holder, because I know for a fact no fucker would be bored enough to try and beat the record.

  3. Ha....this is the clout chasing age. You do it and post it to a large enough audience and people will def try to beat you.

  4. I think the hardware is in the controller and it's just tethered to the watch

  5. Idk about appreciate it more than any game in the NFS series but it is good.

  6. One of my faves is the auto lock glitch for free aim weapons....doesn't really do much but it is fun

  7. you people flex like not having a TV/cable is a virtue.

  8. I hope we don't see a Wilder/Fury 4 in 2023. Not just because we've already had 3 but because that's the most damage Wilder has taken in his career. I'd prefer he fight other fighters rather than have people wonder if 4 Fury fights impacted his chin if he then goes and gets knocked out by Usyk or Joshua after.

  9. Ok so super hypothetical.....Wilder accepts changes his entire training and management team, comes in a completely different man and wins. That'll set up a 5th fight which would be crazy. I give it a .000000000000001% chance.

  10. You can get a better sub at a Stewart’s and this is very much meant to be an insult.

  11. Pretty sure they don't sell crack....pretty sure you don't even go to that store.

  12. Back in the day, you’d be the Nark, just sayin.

  13. I'd be the Narc for talking about a store that's lit up literally like the Las Vegas strip in the densest college neighborhood in Albany.....yeah sure would. If it was a non established weed spot out of someone's house then I'd get your point.

  14. Well you're in luck - turns out that's not actually a chess board! I've done some digging and can confirm it's just a piece of luggage with a checkered design. And, even better, they're not actually playing chess!

  15. A chess board has 64 squares....this does not. Also look at the right edge of the board closest to the foreground. The squares are literally cut to a quarter of what they're supposed to be.

  16. This is supposed to be NYC....some really expensive high rise condos look exactly like that IRL.

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