1. The amount that gets you where you want to be, but you can still get your shit done. Once it starts affecting productivity, executive function, and relationships, you're in hot water fast and it's not always quick or easy to get back out of. It doesn't happen right away - it'll creep up on you. Everybody's different, and needs different amounts. If you start feeling like it's affecting your life negatively at all, it's time to dial it back.

  2. Yeah, steeler fan so I had nothing to lose, was high most of the day, plus now happy to see Borrow out of the SB.

  3. Yeah, it brings me back memories from my mother beating the crap out of me because she didn’t wanted me, she used to kick me and slap me when I was younger. As I became a teenager she didn’t hit me as often as she used to except one time she used a clothing hook to hit my back or when she threw a heel at me, I knew she was mad because she was getting divorced from my father, but still I wanted to be with her and now I know she didn’t wanted me. After I was in my mid teens she stopped hitting me and just began to call me useless and straight down embarrass me I front of everyone she came across with, she took my dog, she gifted most of my clothes to her brothers (i was a big teen), and I had enough and left her, it’s been 7 years since last time I saw her. I know she loves me (in her own way) but still. Some adults just can’t carry the weight of a kid. Or just simply don’t want kids.

  4. Le français est une langue quand même difficile à apprendre but go for it! You can do it!

  5. Tbh. IMO, start off my getting rid of Dan Moore, and maybe KDot (he needs to be healthy all season) and either FA OL or drafting the best OL in the 1st, then maybe on the 32nd draft Jordan Addison, Kenny would appreciate that. NEED MORE quicker ROUTES for GP and DJ. I would personally love to use Calvin Austin as some sort of Swiss knife for the offense (sort of what the 49ers do with Deebo). The run game was working all right, but we need a better & stronger OL so Najee and Warren can run with more space in the gaps and please use Derek as your primary blocker for EVERY run, if you’re gonna run with a top 5 HB in the NFL you gotta let them know you’re gonna run, put more OL or TE’s in a jumbo package so they can run better (a bit like the formations @ ravens game this year, but idk how tf Canada almost f’up) tbh. Bro. We have a Top 5 RB, Top 3 TE, we got 2 and maybe 3 WR’s in the Top 20, a young gunslinger at QB, and the only thing we need for our offence, is LT, and maybe a RG. IMO

  6. Get a real left tackle (meaning someone who excels in pass protection) and let Dotson & Dan Moore fight it out for the left guard spot. Most scouts thought Moore would play guard in the NFL to begin with.

  7. Must true, Dan shoves almost all the time to the outside, that’s where a good LT could help him as a LG. either way he’s almost trash, good backup maybe, and KDot just needs to stay healthy, he’ll prove that he’s a beast.

  8. You said the words. Did you take off yet?

  9. I took off… not as I expected, but I did. It was nice

  10. How many mgs did you take? 4 x 0.25mg = 1mg? You’ll need 50-100mg to feel it with a high tolerance from carts

  11. I took 100 mgs. It hit me, not as hard as before but it did some for me

  12. Yes, that’s why I like it more than other social media. And tbh, I’ve only had one or two bad users here. It’s chill tbh

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