1. At a major hospital based system in Atl, it was described to me as a temporary hourly rate granted to all new employees as an incentive during staffing shortage. HR said they don’t foresee it going away any time in the near future but it’s listed as temporary because “as a nonprofit, they can only guarantee through the fiscal year”

  2. Depressing, raging, fun. I only worked there for 18 months, and the place captivates you. It's like kids getting separated during a divorce. I'm thankful for my time there, and if it wasn't closing I'd probably be there for years.

  3. Welcome. I worked in the ED, so I probably met you. Thank you for your service, and the snack room is fully closed.

  4. That snack room kept me going, and also now what hospital am I gonna charge my tampon at?

  5. I think I've drove that truck before. 😂

  6. Well. They disqualified me bc of my driving record 😅

  7. Friend you don't want to work at piedmont, employees are treated like shit.go to northside or grady since amc is closing.

  8. They're hospital-based, so only have a headquarters that they deploy from. So yes, signage in hospital break rooms is often the next best thing (when said hospital doesn't then send out a BS memo that signage on walls is suddenly a fire hazard LMAO).

  9. It's in all the area hospitals and all full time employees got an anonymous text too...

  10. I'm bisexual so that means that I am attracted to the store of people and not being a part is the way

  11. Exactly this..we are a fully integrated advanced EMS fire dept and have people walking away from 160,000/yr....smh...

  12. The whole thing is actually a full circle, but congrats! You've caught half of one!

  13. ..you can see both ends though so at least you'll know where the pot of gold should be.

  14. No, unfortunately we don’t have an aldi here, but I did see the idea on TikTok!

  15. How interesting I'm definitely trying this too pickles and ranch are my favorite

  16. At least we have each other 😢

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