Do you all realize that this sub has a $1.9 BILLION position in GameStop? The fact that no one in the media is talking about this is BULLISH AF!! DRS YO SHIT!

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  1. Drop out of school and go out into the world and WORK EVERY JOB YOU CAN GET! try 1 job for 2 months!

  2. Wait a minute 7 x 100 = 700 MILLION OVERNIGHT WOWSA! NOW REALLY EXCITED

  3. Have no idea what this is about but!!! IT STATES SOMETHING OVERNIGHT so im excited

  4. Happened today. I was there. The cops were antagonising a girl and then they all started charging for absolutely no reason.

  5. Yes, but a lot of protesters were there because they hate that Macron used an anti-democratic process to bypass the parliement and pass his bill. (49-3)

  6. Damn he is a puppet. His actions are not for the people

  7. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday all rolled into one bro!!!

  8. 3 years is plenty years to know what you really want. Family is important. Close relationships not easy to come by.

  9. I was actually at the Linc’s draft party, my buddy hit me up last minute and said he got draft party tickets from someone who had season tickets, I was like sure let’s do it. It was sick, got to go on the field, locker room tour, then upstairs they had a bar and food and shit and you could grab a beer and sit anywhere in the empty stands on a very nice night - great sunset up there, then the draft starts and they draft a boring ass OL :)

  10. Damn im all the way over here in Los Angeles. The closes I ever got to Philly was when I trained in Virginia and stationed in Savannah Ga!

  11. Yes. You are 19 years old and have not grown into the real you.

  12. Could imagine having a 3rd Center on the OLine! Kelce, Jurgens and Zeke!!

  13. If they really hated the cowboys, taking one of their most recognizable players of the past decade and making him an eagle (on the cheap, since Jerry already made sure his future generations were well taken care of) is pretty good ngl.

  14. Its a low blow... But its right at their level. You don't think Zeke wanna take the Eagles to the Super Bowl?

  15. Eh, it's just talk anyway. Unless Howie comes out and says (he won't) "Ezekiel Elliot is on our radar," it's very possible Elliot and his agent are just getting a rise out of everyone before he leaves. Especially if it might do Elliot a favor if other teams knew the Eagles were involved.

  16. Pretty standard procedure when men get hand checked. They feel your junk to make sure nothing hidden there. It's creepy but i understand it. Flying is optional

  17. Geebuz thats a big number lol $1.9 BILLION wowser.. im a part of that... Thats me

  18. If I was Zeke! I'm looking for a role on a Super Bowl team! Gotta experience the Super Bowl at least once :)

  19. Zeke would take red zone runs away from hurts and would keep hurts healthy. That’s what I want

  20. EXACTLY! we need Hurts to take another step up in the passing skillset!

  21. 100% i wanted zeke in the draft over wentz, i want to see him the greens this finally… fuck ya i absolutely hated him in dallas, i hated his feed me shit… but i sure as fuck would love watching him do it against dallas twice

  22. He is the goal line TD king! Just want to see him perform vs the NFCeast! :)

  23. He can take the load off Jalen Hurts for short yardage TDs :)

  24. My first buy was at like 389, the more it drops the more I get, keep trying me Kenny.

  25. I got in right before the drop... And BUY BUTTON LOCK. I bought up from $47 to high $290s then all the way back down to $15 lol

  26. The fact that we made gangham style our safe space still brings a smile to my face. 🦍🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  27. Me three lol crazy to thunk I bought this GME @ $297 per share lol and then $15.69 per share lol

  28. Im smoooth ape so gonna take that as a sign to continue hodl book and lock :)

  29. Smart move ape!!! You locked in on a boat load of moon tickets

  30. Michael Jordan needs money after he has lost 1/3 of his wealth by shorting gme 😂

  31. He fawk around and found out. He should just transform into an ape like the Transformer PRIME :)

  32. That's horrible. Teachers work hard for their money.

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