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  1. My man card was revoked many years ago when I was born a female.

  2. Who illustrated this? I am an artist with 25+ years and I approve!!!!

  3. Cool work! Would be great to add to my collection. Thanks for your support of the community and looking forward to seeing more of your work. Thanks!

  4. Gotchu! Appreciate your support ape fam! Love our community!!!

  5. I track a lot of institutional holdings and BlackRock ETFs continuously add to their GME holdings...daily.

  6. They must know something. Trillion dollar company must have a legit DD dept :)

  7. I value our GME ape community on the stonk. I value my character and reputation on the stonk.

  8. BlackRock is either long or short on GME. BlackRock has a large GME position.

  9. Where’s the link? Just bc this is flagged as fluff doesn’t excuse providing a source.

  10. Google it ape fam. :). You can do it. I totally believe in you.

  11. I just buy GAMESTOCK ( GME ) and Direct Register the shares I buy ( DRS ) with ComputerShare so hedge funds can't use my shares to short the GME stock :)

  12. I know it's Reddit and I'm saying something about Crypto, so I know it'll get downvoted, but whatever.

  13. He made big stops in the Washington and Green Bay games!

  14. Thats just the stocking stuffer from her boyfriend.

  15. I sorta like Dak seems like a good guy. Sucks what he went through.

  16. I fucking hate that Jalen Hurts is not a only good QB, but an even better person. Fuck Jalen Hurts because I love him.

  17. I mean, Sirianni did start out last year telling his players how they are just like a budding flour

  18. He ran with purpose. Secured the ball and fought for 5 to 6 extra yards after contact.

  19. Anything besides MOASS is a "discount". Buy on ComputerShare

  20. This game a lil EXTRA... highlights overload! Fly Eagles Fly

  21. He gotta thank all 112 people back in his home town for their support :)

  22. I didn't just survive Oregon Trail.. I became its master

  23. Big mega man fan here, ape-fingers crossed

  24. What if Howie can get him a USAA membership?

  25. If you can't ride @ 3-6-1 then get off the bus when we skipping at 9-1 :)

  26. I set up auto buy for every two weeks and don’t even remember my password.

  27. When Robinhood removed the buy button, apes removed the sell button.

  28. When they removed buy button.. "and I took it personal."

  29. Here for comments. Who pays cops? ( why continue to pay them if they are useless )

  30. This guy is an amazing role model for teens and young adults!

  31. 0xDFDc9C42C033fb5f0083fd4B19642A02c6636d14

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