1. The softness of the despair arc opening just pleases me so much

  2. Yes!! I first played thru DS3 but had the help of friends during majority of boss fights, the only ones i did solo being the Soul of Cinder and Twin Princes. So I decided to do a new playthru where I do it entirely solo! And it’s super fun and satisfying to take down the bosses with ur own raw skill.

  3. Do you think i should get DS1 after DS3 on xbox? I'm on the fence about it i love dark souls lore just worried about graphical limitations and if i can see past it. Also play sekiro it's different from the rest of the series but a gem for sure, even better if you love japan as a setting. Im also going to play any new Soulsborne games blind, just better that way!

  4. It’s up to you! I’m not too bothered with the graphics downgrade. DS1 remastered on PS4 and Xbox looks fine, AND it actually runs at 60 frames so it’s super bearable IMO. I’d say go for it!

  5. I love using the halberds haha, I’m in the early game rn and am running the Bell Gargoyle halberd, very fun

  6. They’re just doing their YT reaction channel thumbnails leave em be

  7. I was the same way, it’s pretty great honestly

  8. Me too!! A friend told me to play it with them and I was like eh.. but now they don’t play it anymore, and I play everyday haha

  9. My friends introduced me to Elden Ring and I fell in love with the game. After I beat it I went ahead and played Demons souls and after that I dived into the Dark Souls Trilogy and I absolutely love these games. I play them everyday pretty much, they’re my favorite games to play. I may get frustrated while playing at times but I still have a lot of fun

  10. kokichi makes me happy for some reason

  11. Hehe good thing I didn't annoy you then!

  12. Just keep going at it and you’ll get it eventually, or if need be make sure ur weapons are as levelled up as they can be

  13. Lol. I just hit NG+ for the first time this weekend and the whole time Ive been wondering if its supposed to be this easy.

  14. Nah it really is just that easy. Have fun haha :)

  15. Storming thru NG+ with overpowered weapons and stats without a care in the world about whether or not you’ll die is the 2 most satisfying souls experience- behind killing bosses for the first time.

  16. YES it’s a more aggressive and faster playstyle than other souls games

  17. For Bloodborne most ppl would recommend a quicker and more dexy build over a strength based tanky one, just due to the quicker and more aggressive pace of the combat as opposed to souls series and Elden ring? This is what I’ve heard and have gone with myself

  18. This is super sweet! I don’t ship Sonia and Gundham, they are besties forever

  19. Oh okay! Thank u for the tips. I’ll probs make diff save files for each of the achievements and do them one at a time, just to not overwhelm

  20. 128 hours. Maybe a little bit more. Most of the time consumption was grinding out faction rewards. Probably takes twice as long since the multi-player isn't as active as it was on launch when I got the achievement. Beyond that it's probably the easiest of the three games to get all of the achievements on.

  21. Well done! How long did this take you. Thinking of getting on it myself

  22. JUNKO HATE?? I won’t allow it. I love her and fight off the haters haha ✋🏻

  23. You shoot it from underneath the bridge with a bow. Try quitting and reloading see if he comes back.

  24. Ok I’ll give this a go when I play next. I’ll load back in and see if I can get him back haha

  25. Sounds like a good life. I’ll go with this :) thanks!

  26. U NAILED IT! I feel like u rlly captured his personality thru ur art ✨

  27. i put a lot of time into it m, i think i really captured that “end game” feeling

  28. I know some people call it cringe because of the cosplayers trying to just have fun.

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