1. “Come on, DUM-E, it’s just a welder machine. It’s not going to spontaneously combu- AH-AH-AH! DON’T.”

  2. Thanks! And yes, it's Lokitty! Have a virtual cupcke for guessing correctly. 🧁

  3. I got 45! Here’s a crack at a deleted scene idea I unfortunately just couldn’t fit into and flesh out in the timespan of my Avatar: The Last Airbender romance fic, in which my two OCs and romantic leads, a Dai Li agent by the name of Hong, and his Indian based girlfriend Rajata, are tripping out on cactus juice together in his estate garden.

  4. Thanks it was fun: (Sorry it's slightly over and I used cleaning instead of clean) :

  5. I know it's so cliché and not everyone experiences it during pregnancy, but weird food cravings. Sometimes the cravings are perfectly normal though, and sometimes they're an oddly specific food combo that actually tastes good. There's

  6. Agreed! It's also really annoying that whenever fanfiction is talked about in a mainstream setting, they usually show the bad examples.

  7. Nowadays I prefer one-shots, but I occasionally read multichapter fics if I have the time or if they’re a few chapters long.

  8. Well that just brought me back to when I was learning how to play that song. Good meme!

  9. Fandoms are my thing as long as I can exist peacefully on the outskirts. I have no interest in the hardcore flailing and drama and popularity contests that mar the deep centers of any given fandom and turn them into cesspools.

  10. Do you remember how long the issue lasted

  11. About two months, but it felt like forever. It would usually be the worst in the evenings.

  12. I honestly don't know, except that they're usually gen one-shots that focus heavily on humor and family/friendship fluff.

  13. This one started out as a joke between me and my sister, but now we've adopted it as a crack headcanon lol.

  14. Thank you!! I returned the review and comment and all!! Yours was so fun to read 🥰 Raved about it in the comment!

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