1. I don't mind paying a lower price for a product that doesn't smell or taste well as long as it gets the job done. Don't get me wrong, j don't want a bad taste or smell but if it's cheap and does its job I'll let it go.

  2. Love the flavor but unfortunately they are botanical terps and I got a weird high from the pineapple. Still have it, Didnt finish it.

  3. Enjoying that high level of ochratoxin are ya...hit over 14,000 I see. Quit accepting a statement of "pass" and actually open the report and see the results....contaminated weed ain't medical weed ya all!!!!

  4. my go to lately has been their live resin pods or the catfish luster. that catfish is so under rated imo

  5. Meanwhile other states like michigan and others use a scale of 100,000 cfu/g... Ohio is more strict than most. you breathe in 6,000 cfu/g on a daily basis if you work indoors all day. its about education.

  6. Apré “after skiing”. Just picked that and pink grapes up. Better harvest forsure than the last from klutch

  7. I prefer klutch and BFE. All different terps though so its sometimes just terp hunting and giving them a go!

  8. This might be a dumb question but how do ohio growers get new genetics. Do they "find" them inside ohio or are they allowed to import seeds??

  9. I want to see klutch make a terpinolene lovers live resin cart. Blend orange 43, whip it, APG, SLD, I think mimosa too? Anyone else?

  10. They just dropped O43 live res pods and vapes, Super Lemon Dog and Whip It. All high terpinolene :)

  11. I thought this one and bazooka were pretty good for the very first batch! Give them a few harvests to figure out what the plants like i would think

  12. Klutch doesnt make a wonka bar, but yes, cuyahoga calls curaleaf is redunkulous

  13. Lmfao buy a jar then give some actual info clown. Your non informative opinion is annoying. If you bought some and it’s dry, post a review. I just bought these… they’re all perfectly cured and not dry at all. Also more terps than most flower im getting in the program. Please provide actual feedback and post your jars. Don’t just make clown statements from something you prob haven’t purchased. This Reddit is becoming useless when people are making opinions on something they don’t have

  14. last Klutch pod I had was WhipIt and whatever thinning agent they use they've gotten heavy on and its creating tightness, if not damn near a lump in my throat when i vape it. I heard they thin these out with CBD as well, but CBD in distillate doesnt cause that side effect unless its unholy cbd.

  15. Not sure why either processor is using cbd in their vapes anymore when they dont need to. With a higher variance, they can now get the .84g carts up to about 667mg or 76% cap. Most processors were using cbd before when they couldnt go over 612mg cap. Very interesting though about the experience you had with it being thin

  16. Its the same people always shitting on Klutch idk. Ask me, sounds like they work for other cultivators. The world may never know

  17. All of mine were 🔥. Only thing i had a problem with was my ghost og inside seal was slightly off. Strains were good though. Im not justifying klutch’s response by any means, HOWEVER. Everything goes through testing. No weed on the shelves in any ohio dispo have mold. Period. But taste/feeling will always vary and unfortunately it sounds like klutch sh*t the bed on a few harvests…. And this response. Not going to stop me from trying then again? Jesus

  18. There are ways of making it, so that mold doesn’t show on test, even if the plant was covered in it , it’s a remediation box that the flower gets put in and it kills the mold but not the flavor lol ,

  19. That is correct. It allows the agency to request such information. However, i used to work in the ER and had access to OARSS. The same reporting system used for all medications for all patients in Ohio. If you have a med card, any medical professional can look up your OARRS and see what youve purchased and how much. Pretty crazy.

  20. I love how when someone loves a company for their products, it’s automatically assumed they work there. Good god

  21. Did the dispensary tell you it was a full gram? The packaging said .84 is two different spots… in red (SOL for Vap 7-“84”-GG. The 84 is .84. And then the net weight says 840mg. Or .84g

  22. That flower is so old I can see the dust on it. Hope you didn’t pay more than $30. Klutch strikes again selling old dusty flower

  23. All flower klutch sells is at the dispensary within a week or two of being packaged. Its the dispensary that holds onto then or over buys

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