1. Is it just me or do the people in the video have self centered or entitled views, it feels like they are only evoking the idea of 'the collective' or what 'we' should be doing because it helps bolster their position of looking for the easy way out. They all give me the impression that if they could hit a button to trade places with a 1%er they absolutely would without hesitation. Even at the detriment of someone else. Given that option, I believe they would tell the collective to politely go fuck itself.

  2. We are looking for best opinions, not some list of direct information. Information is cheap, opinions are valuable

  3. 3 weeks if you want to really learn it. Less than that if you just need to complete it. Honestly if all u need is a B, for example, go thru the material and just get out the formulas. The quizzes are open book so shouldn’t be hard to Ace it. All you’ll need is a 45% on the final if u have a 96% quiz avg.

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