1. If you're in the vicinity of the gym where the raid is you'd be using an in person pass while everyone who joins you uses remotes

  2. Oh okay! So I should just post on the megathread when the raid starts and add as many people as possible?

  3. I have been. I just walked for the first 5 minutes and nothing popped up. I had to come home cause my dog was going nuts

  4. Interesting thats never happened to me

  5. But would it be a good fairy attacker, if I can normal tm out frustration in the future?

  6. You wouldn't need an elite TM to use it as a fairy raid attacker. Dazzling gleam is a non legacy move.

  7. I’m saying in a rocket event when you can normal tm out distraction, would it be good?

  8. Oh my bad I misread what you said. It would be good yes, but if you're investing a shadow to level 40+ it should have more ideal IVs since you need to spend a lot of dust doing so.

  9. Why would you leave? It's extremely easy to beat a mega raid with 3 people

  10. Sorry if that came off rude someone invited me to a raid and didn't leave so I didn't either and then proceeded to not throw a single attack then didn't invite me back so I'm not in a great mood rn

  11. Its week.. Well this season is probably worst one.. LAst 3 weeks of season we got only catch cup at 1500cp which is last week.. only ultra and master leagues and some 500cp cup and most pokemon where im invested earlier 500 cups are suprise suprise banned -_-

  12. Yeah it's been rough lately idk what they're doing with these rotations lately so random and the cups don't even line up with their respective leagues..

  13. And worst one it gonna take year or two before we see same cups again.. So why i would invest? only reason i play now evo cup is cuz i got golbat+vigo ready and luckyly found near perfect iv piloswine at wild. only needed use 50k dust to level it and didint even bother open bulldoze yet :D

  14. The Evolution cup is impossible for me due to not having vigo and my only Golbat not having frustration TM'd off it yet. ML Premier was nice because I already had the meta mons for that at level 40 just from normally playing the game. These cups demand more investment in mons than you'll ever see a return in and I don't understand why they are a ground Niantic is willing to die on.

  15. Why Teddiursa? That sounds like a boring CD, lol

  16. Google Ursaluna it's a new evolution in the Teddi line from the Legends Arceus pokemon game

  17. Classic being the key word here there will be 2 comm days in November

  18. It's only worth maxing if you have a lot of resources its not meta in any way

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