1. 1968 Dodge dart, came in both 2 door and 4 door

  2. 2006 Pontiac GTO, GTO stands for gas, tires, and oil

  3. I wanna know the math behind it, if there is any

  4. The only diorama I’ve been able to find

  5. Don’t forget “see me rolling”

  6. It is used to thread numbers as text, or a = sign as text instead of a formula. So like mobile phone number. In my country it starts with 06. So 0611223344 this will changed as 611223344 if you ad a ' before it it will be treated as text. So if you want '90s just ad a second ' before that:

  7. I love the idea of a sandstorm but I think it should be purely cosmetic like rain

  8. You should add a car that looks like it’s in the middle of being worked on, with rust or a missing hood or something

  9. Yeah I think there should be more uses for gunpowder other than tnt and fireworks

  10. Not bad, but I don't entirely agree with all of your ideas. The property thing is a good idea, but what's the property. Another flaw in that is that players would have to spend a lot of money in order to start the cayo perico heist. The submarine is a great way to the start the heist instead of having the property on the island as the only way to start the heist. If rockstar implements both property and submarine then it costs too much to start the heist. Why? First you need to buy the submarine, then you MUST buy the property in order to have a chance on this heist. There are more flaws to this, but I already wrote an entire essay so I won't bore you with more words. Kudos to you for imagination tho.

  11. I was thinking the heist would be the same as it is now, the property would only effect the free roam aspect of it. I would imagine the property being a tropical house with maybe a small garage. It’s only real purpose is access to the island without being killed and having some vehicles without needing to call the mechanic.

  12. When you say access the island do you mean when you are off the mission?

  13. Because you can put sand in a flower pot

  14. Looks just like the hotwheels sian

  15. I’ve seen someone take the kart out and make it a custom Lmao

  16. Yeah I’ve thought about this too

  17. I don’t think they would add this due to how performance intensive it would be. I’m sure most people’s devices could handle it, but mojang doesn’t like to gamble when it comes to things like that

  18. My bc is 27 kg and you can feel his spine and ribs, all depends on the dog really

  19. Fat Joe looks like one of those body builders in a suit, except he isn’t…

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