1. Wow, that's quite ironic since Walton was a former Blazer at the time.

  2. I like listening to Rick n roll music like Never Gonna Give You Up.

  3. Well, Tarrega is a great composer while Segovia is a great guitar player. Since we don't how Tarrega played then let's just say that he's a great composer.

  4. It is I think originally a YT vid and I found it for the first time on Youtube before.

  5. Right here. And I have the look too. Heavily tattooed, big dumb ear holes, the works. I'm not nearly as talented as that man though.

  6. Dude, what a shit comment. You have no idea this guys level; he might be an excellent player, but quite humble.

  7. What do you mean? I would be proud if he's better than me.

  8. But they have to market it like a normal action movie, so everyone would get totally rick rolled so hard they won’t wake up in the morning

  9. And so that they can't watch Stranger Things. The documentary will make them sleep forever essentially making them die and say goodbye.

  10. Well, Portland, Oregon was supposed to be named Boston if it wasn't for the coin toss.

  11. I enjoy people being lost. It’s fun.

  12. Extra hard on my modern classical, low tension on my 19th century. It depends on the kind of sound you want and how it fits with your rep.

  13. It is harder to fret but once you're used to high tension carbons like i was back in the day, extra hard tensions in nylon are butter soft. On the strings warping the neck, it might be the case on certain instruments but shouldn't really happen. A proper instrument has to hold the tension for even the heaviest and hardest strings without a truss rod and without warping

  14. He literally has not changed since college

  15. Gorgeous performance! I'll have to save this one; it bears repeated listening

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