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  1. Maybe have a conversation about how to refer to his penis? How about referring to it as her nice large clitoris? Because that's essentially what it is thanks to a bunch of hormones and chemicals that were introduced during early development.

  2. Looking great! Aside from HRT, care to share your skin care routine?

  3. Not everything I have done is right. God no. Above all, concealment has always been wrong. But I am too afraid of losing her and the children.

  4. Or, you might gain and openness and acceptance from your family that you never thought possible and exceeds your expectations.

  5. You're right and I've heard it more than once. But I do not have the courage.

  6. This is where your therapist comes in. It's so important to keep going when you can start up again. The scary thing is we don't know how much time we have on this earth, sadly the tragic events you've recently experienced is a sobering reminder of that.

  7. That's a wild amount of toilet paper tubes in the garbage can. Is there a ton of asswiping going on in a narrow timeframe? Maybe the toilet can't handle it?

  8. It is my favorite airplane to fly. It has fantastic systems depth, quite a nice flight model, and provides a great mental work out. The sounds are good. The textures are pretty good, but not the best. The modeling resolution in the cockpit is relatively conservative for FPS. But this plane is a blast to fly!

  9. That sucks. If you can evaluate your surroundings when you hear something like this and determine you can get out of there with relative safety, maybe you can remind them of their reality with something to the effect of :

  10. Well yes, the huge penis is probably a factor, but Jerry though fat, homely, and dumb, is a genuinely sweet man that would never mistreat anyone and he obviously treats Gail and his 3 daughters like absolute queens. I think its actually kind of believable that a woman like Gail would be happy being with a guy like Jerry.

  11. Remind him that his prostate has no clue whether his lubed up hand or your vagina is purging his urges.

  12. Michael: "call me a dog again and I'll pluck your eyeball out and feed it to your dog."

  13. OMG thanks for digging deeper! I found those two titles on YouTube and from what I'm seeing it was neither of those movies.

  14. The problem with the last statement "I'm not gunna and I won't even if you continue" is the component that says "…I won't even if you continue." In this person's twisted mind they see that as there still being a possibility.

  15. Upon his return from the ER, he plans to film himself shoving a pre-heated glow stick up his ass.

  16. If there was any shred of truth to his claim that work called him right before you called him, and he was truly interested in addressing what you need to talk to him about, then he would've started the conversation during the small talk saying that he had to run into work unexpectedly. But conveniently this is his excuse after you texted him that you were done.

  17. Sadly, his ignorance is the source of his misinterpretation. Obviously her making sounds was related to effort during a good work out. For instance, if he was in the gym and some man was putting in a big effort in lifting resulting in grunting, I doubt he would even register that as a "sex sound." And even if he did, he probably wouldn't approach the guy. However, a woman putting in the same level of effort, making natural sounds due to the effort she is making triggers him differently. Maybe it's because he's watched a bunch of porno videos. Or maybe his previous partners sadly put out straining sounds during sexual moments with him that he misinterpreted for pleasure sounds lol. It's sad that he feels he can approach her and harass her because he happens to get "distracted (aroused?).

  18. I bet looking into your eyes just before kissing those pretty lips would be wonderful for any lucky lover to experience. 😘

  19. From my understanding, the risk comes into play if you are on medications using blood pressure reduction. Since ED meds dilate the blood vessels, this can be a risky

  20. I'm taking estradiol via transdermal patch, I'm still taking Spiro, and I've been taking 1 mg daily finasteride for many years now. I've never had any side effects with the finasteride.

  21. We did use the toys during sex but I still couldn't orgasm. Looking back I think I was struggling to relax with him enough to orgasm. It's over now. But his statement about my use of sex toys stayed with me.

  22. Good news is there are many guys open and willing to participate in the fun of sex toys with you and not feel intimidated!

  23. MTF here. On days where I dress neutral or masculine (work clothes), I do find myself wishing I could dress more feminine, but on average I don't get too down about it. But then on days that I'm able to wear a pretty blouse and comfy shorts I bought from a woman section of a store, I feel huge surges of gender euphoria.

  24. Don't give this bastard the satisfaction of ruining your dream.

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