4-1 stock split dividend on July 18th!!!

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  1. I know that. But surely they are going to use software to unwary the image so we can see what those galaxies actually look like.

  2. I am betting there is a project underway (possibly with some hefty algorithms and/or AI) that will do just that. These are the farthest galaxies, so they will probably at least attempt to get a decent picture sans lensing.

  3. You can have multiple transaction requests input at one time though.

  4. It is obviously an Alligator protecting an egg.... not an alien. lol

  5. I reread the investor.com source. It is my understanding then that the declaration date is/was 7/6. Record date is 7/18. Pay date is 7/21. And ex div date is 7/22

  6. Ex-dividend date is always the safe date (like a safe word when it gets too rough, but time dependant). And I linked to that site in particular because it is a government site, not .com.

  7. I'm asking for a super smooth detailed explaination. Not a BDSM metaphor. If you can't supply it, say so and save both of us the time of back and forth bickering over petty shit like .gov vs .com

  8. I am not one to trust the government either. Not sure why you are getting testy over a small joke. Eat a banana and lay down to the soothing sound of rockets test firing in anticipation of MOASS. I can only show ya what I got, and that is the securities and exchange commission explanation. Ex-dividend date is assumed to be the day after distribution based on that article. If you find out anything different, let me know.

  9. Edit: Fidelity is a little misleading here as their only example is for s 15% stock dividend creating a 115 share contract. OCC shows a different story with contracts multiplying. Most likely will have 4 contracts at 1/4 strike price.

  10. You might be right on this (95% certainty). The only example Fidelity provided was for a 15% stock dividend, which is probably why it changed to 115 shares in one contract. OCC has an example from last year of WisdomTree 2 for 1 stock divided and it did split into 2 contracts....

  11. I will have to look into this further. The FAQ you cited is from 2019, but I am still not sure which is correct.... will look into Options Clearing Corporation rules.

  12. I am not sure about strategies, but options will definitely be affected on 7/22 open. Per Fidelity, "The holder of an option contract will have the same number of contracts at a reduced strike price. The option contract will now represent the original share value plus the stock dividend."

  13. Ex-dividend date is not 7/18 it is 7/22 due to special rules related to stock dividends. If you sell your stock before 7/22 you will be obligated to give your stock dividend to someone else.

  14. 7/18 is NOT the Ex-Dividend Date. It is only the record date. The ex-dividend date is different for stock dividends, and you will end up owing your dividend to someone else if you sell before 7/22, which is the actual ex-dividend date.

  15. Pardon me, You are correct!! I can’t believe I messed that up. I’ll change it now! Thank you

  16. "Sometimes a company pays a dividend in the form of stock rather than cash. The stock dividend may be additional shares in the company or in a subsidiary being spun off. The procedures for stock dividends may be different from cash dividends. The ex-dividend date is set the first business day after the stock dividend is paid (and is also after the record date).

  17. If you actually read what I have written about DRS, it’s that I am bullish about stock ownership and SS owning the float. Not all of retail, just SS. My latest predictions over the last few months are the fastest estimated timelines of anyone. Im predicting full DRS in less than a few years, whereas the user with the most comments of all time on SS (who is also the creator of drsgme.org) has been spreading FUD that it will take over ten years for SS to own the float and that most of the users on the sub are bots. I scraped every single comment ever written on superstonk (over 18M) to try and look for bot like behavior, and what I found was that by all metrics of online communities, the users are legitimate.

  18. Is it not true that the stock dividend will be given out to the owners of record on the direct registry with Computershare? If that is the case, DRS is a way to multiply the impact of the number of shares the DTC will be responsible for providing the brokerages. If 27million shares are DRS, then DTC gets proportionally fewer shares from the dividend to spread out to their voluminous number of shares from naked shorting. That should put pressure on margin requirements and kick off MOASS, though not the only thing that could spur MOASS. Correct me if I assume wrong about any of this

  19. No, it’s actually sort of backwards. The more shares that are DRSed means the more shares that are directly given to owners of record, and the fewer the DTCC has to deal with. The DTCC doesn’t give a fuck about how the shorts find these shares. They will give them to the participants in the proportion that they owe on their ledger. The brokers will then give them to their long customers on record. They will then initiate a deliver for the shorts to the people they sold their shorts too and request those shares from the shorts. The shorts then have to decide if they buy or short again. They will probably just short again.

  20. I would consider that pressure though. That would increase their short position 3-7 times what it is today, but all on one day. Imagine their margin requirements and cost of borrowing increasing 3-7 times all in one day. Would that not be a potential MOASS kick off?

  21. She had taken them in for a couple months but then they got physical with her after an argument. She asked them to move out and they refused, so she finally put it in writing in a notice to vacate.

  22. On a general aspect, many symbols/sigils are unidentifiable. This is because many wiccans/pagans (modern) that practice using these sigils are personalized. Anything that comes to mind can be a sigil, and specific spells usually use these sigils once they are made :) if you’ve made this sigil, congrats!! It looks lovely. 🖤 And remember. Sigils don’t have to always be the same. They can change if you want them to✨

  23. I am asking because someone put this on my mother's door in anger. Is there any way to determine if she used a more standard set of symbols?

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  25. Ok I gib u internet points. Could I please have some internet points back in exchange for my hard, hard work.

  26. He is a trickster... He is later shown as fortune teller

  27. That does help. It makes it a lot more relatable to what they are describing

  28. Sword light could akso be lethal and experiencing a sword mind that is in an object could either sharpen your own swordmind or destroy it.

  29. Comment upvoted after upvoting and i will upvote your comment

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