1. I would do guitars in hardshell cases, and then stash those under the bed, behind the couch, or even with a friend if you can. Get them in something solid and out of sight. Next, I would go to Walgreens/IKEA/etc and buy a couple of large plastic tubs and stash any chewable accessories/equipment in these. Stack em in the corner of your room, under the bed, hell you could use them as a coffee table for a couple of days.Next, as a dog owner - you can/should also focus on giving this dog options that are more entertaining than your guitars! Dogs often chew when they're bored and left alone. Obviously puppies are a hell of a thing to manage, but the more you keep the pup entertained with his own toys and games, the less likely he is to pick up a Les Paul and start 'shredding.' Final point - I think a 12 year old is smart and mature enough to be included as a Teammate on this sort of thing. You can have a talk with him about how much your instruments mean to you, and how much you'd appreciate it if he could help keep an eye on the dog. Kids that age often thrive with a bit of trust and responsibility. This whole thing is a multi-front operation, but definitely doable. Good luck!

  2. Damn this is the absolute epitome of this sub. Great find.

  3. Looks fine to me. I'm currently running turtleskin I handstitched into tubeless tires. Lasts forever.

  4. Ah, shame I had my turtleskin removed when I was an infant.

  5. I'm from a small Gravel Community in the Pacific Northwest.

  6. Do it! Here in Europe there are tons of nice old steel road frames floating around for around 100-300 bucks. Never had as much luck in the States.

  7. Roval Rapide SL35, originally ten speed hubs. I love them. Wide, light, and strong as an ox.

  8. Ooo good point about the cranks - I have some old Campy cranks sitting around that might be perfect. Might even grab a silver narrow-wide to try out a 1X setup. I appreciate the hell out of friction shifters. But I'm clumsy and it scares the hell out of me to take my hand off the bar and reach towards my spokes to shift.

  9. Dope. I love how there's a GT2 spec Skyline just chillin.

  10. I'd say it's normal. Are you using an ISO taper BB?

  11. Oh! Folks on the Vintage Bicycles U.K. Facebook group said I needed a spacer. Thank you!

  12. Nah, as long as the top nut isn't bottoming out you'll be fine.

  13. How’s the cambium? I’ve read mixed reactions to it. I’ve heard the newer ones are better. But how does it feel/conform compared to the leather ones? Or do you not yet know? They look pretty though. And my god Ti is Fly

  14. Best saddle I've ever ridden, worth the hype if they fit your butt. I have the C17 carved and the carbon-railed c13 in 158mm. Exquisitely comfortable, look great, and pretty durable. I use them for road, commuting, and touring. Only downside for me is they can be a bit rough on your bib shorts.

  15. Damn, I feel like the odd one out that mine was causing me quite the soreness. Any tips on adjusting? I think I need to try more nose up but not sure

  16. I found that a touch of nose up (like 5 degrees) can be nice, but nothing radical like a B17. Could just be that your butt doesn't agree, wouldn't be the first person by far. But also worth fiddling. Worth noting that while I used to commute/tour without bibs, I always ride with them now.

  17. Is that a sloping top tube?? 70 years ahead of it's time haha. Dope bike, enjoy! Love the purple BTW.

  18. Bike photos, am I right? "Bent" forks, "sloping" top tubes, ovalized wheels. Funny what a camera angle can do.

  19. Absolutely looks bigger than a 53. Sometimes bikes can surprise you because of their geometry, but I doubt a classic Miyata is doing anything funky. I'll echo the other point about a pic with a measuring tape. Only one way to know!

  20. There should be a stop pin of some sort. With the blade in the normal closed position, can you see a hole where something should go?

  21. Yes! Super easy to miss. Do these come in standard sizing and/or where's the best resource to find the size I need? Sadly

  22. I would reach out to Kershaw knives themselves. Be polite. Tell them how much the knife means to you, and offer to BUY a spacer. They might just send one for free, or offer to repair.

  23. I sent them a lokg and heartfelt appeal, and they sent me a boilerplate message about my service region and advised me to contact my original dealer (3500 miles away).

  24. Duely noted cheers. They are new to me at this point. Luckily with this set up I'm not really skidding. I found on this ride I'm really flexing them when mashing on the steeps. In fairness previous owner had this as a cx race bike and I believe weight was taken precedence over anything else.

  25. Hope you have better luck than me! You're saying that the hubs are sliding through the rear dropouts? How hard are you torquing down the axle nuts? I also have hex nuts on my wheelset and I've never had an issue.

  26. Yeah they're pulling in and I'm loosing chain tension after mondo climbs. They're the fixing bolt QR compatible versions. I tighten them to "yeah that's fuckin tight" spec. I don't feel comfortable going ham on the hardware out of fear of stripping the Allen.

  27. I don't know about the quality, but Origin 8 makes one.

  28. Ah cool, not terrible looking either. Might be a pain in the ass to order in the EU, but I'll ask around.

  29. Should definitely be 27.2, is the slit at the back parallel? Sometimes the lug gets deformed if someone used a too small seatpost. If that’s the case you can gently push it apart with a screwdriver and put the seatpost in

  30. So...I gently tapped a flathead between the slit, and it seemed to work well! I can push and pull the post in and out with some effort, but no twisting.

  31. As per Sheldon Brown’s database, Super (although listed for 1970s not the 80s models) takes 27.0 seatpost, so maybe try that?

  32. Yeah I've browsed some original 70s catalogues and it looks like 27.0 was the thing. The 80s catalogues I've seen show 27.2.

  33. Definitely. But I found the original Colnago catalogue for this model online, had it listed as 27.2.

  34. How large is the frame? SP was often used on big frames, even if they used SL/SLX on the smaller models. And the tubes could move around / distort a bit after brazing. Best to hone gently with a brake cylinder hone if you're sure it's 27.2

  35. Just a 56cm so nothing crazy. I actually tried a bit of heat on the tube and cold on the post (plus grease), and it pushed in fine with no twisting needed. This seems fairly consistent with others' experiences on the forums.

  36. Holy shit, it is actually called an Air Tractor. I thought this was just a clever joke.

  37. Lurker here who doesn't know much, what's the use case for a plane like this? It's so cool.

  38. Just imagine someone with a “Rap” or “Bluegrass” genre label tattoo lmao

  39. Lolol a Bluegrass tattoo would be sweet, if you were a die hard fan or musician. For that matter a tattoo that said "rap" would get a chuckle out of me. Hell, even a "lo fi" tat, done well and not on the knuckles, isn't that bad.

  40. Sooo rad, especially love the blacked out tires. Do you ride this as an adult? I had one of the newer reproductions as a teen and the mounting of the rear seat stays (back of the banana to the dropouts) scared the shit out of me.

  41. Yeah, this bar doesn't mount that way, it actually mounts on the axle instead. All the ones I've worked on except for Schwinn worked that way. But if they do use the clamps they're usually still safe.

  42. These will forever be my favorite era of bikes, absolutely beautiful. Nothing better than old Italian steel IMHO.

  43. If you're biking in Chicago, I don't think it counts as superstition. Shit's gnarly, I'll take whatever I can get. Siiick bike.

  44. I unironically want one of those horns. Bet it sounds hilarious.

  45. I rock a clown horn in the city. It WORKS. People move out of your way, but it's also so surprising and delightful that they do it with a smile.

  46. For me personally it was worth it. I was looking for a frame with Columbus tubing, a carbon fork and more of an aggressive pursuit geo - the Dos Detroit checked all the boxes and I liked the aesthetic.

  47. Word thanks. I'd really like an old steel Vig or a Thunderdome in blue but lord knows those are hard to find, especially in Europe. Something quick with fat tubes and good design.

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