1. The page you are on is full of satire, irony and sincerity.

  2. The page you are on is full of satire, irony and sincerity.

  3. The page you are on is full of satire, irony and sincerity.

  4. The page you are on is full of satire, irony and sincerity.

  5. I will let you do whatever you want ===>

  6. The page you are on is full of satire, irony and sincerity.

  7. You were pretty hot before indeed and i really appreciate your journey to be a sexy bimbodoll. Simply beautiful. I can't wait to see the surgeries results. Hope you get really big boob's implants. +1000ccs

  8. The page you are on is full of satire, irony and sincerity.

  9. Wonderful tit growth. Your tits are now almost the size of your head. Perfect length of skirt in the first pic! Keep evolving! Keep growing! Keep sharing yourself!

  10. The page you are on is full of satire, irony and sincerity.

  11. My brother in Christ, I'm cishet and don't even find it offensive. It's just an abbreviation of cisgendered and heterosexual, it's not even trying to be offensive.

  12. i dont find it offensive either but it IS trying to be offensive

  13. It's literally not? How is an abbreviation of two inoffensive words suddenly trying to be offensive?

  14. okay so trans(sexuality) is fine because it also fits such definition. listen, i'm not even cishet but this conversation is so fucking stupid because you keep on doubling back on what you're saying.

  15. Transphobes shouldn't be treated equally. Transphobes are smelly.

  16. i disagree with your argument but i dont give enough shits about this debate to keep it going so just leave it there

  17. Clip studio Paint! I switched from Photoshop, and I prefer CSP now a lot more.

  18. Phew, I was looking at CSP EX and was wondering to get it. I've heard the animation features are good, too? I'm into animating and alternatives like Krita and Adobe don't look that good

  19. Hey bro, what art program do you use? I've been looking for a good one and the brushes here look rlly cool

  20. i know and thats the sad part because if i dont do that im going to be shat on by a bunch of ppl who dont know what a joke is

  21. I dont get this post cus im an lgbtq terrorist and villain

  22. average lgbt person (/j because everybody here is a fucking dumbass)

  23. Exactly! I burst out laughing when I saw the sites name and read op's story.

  24. DDL means direct download. So similar to getintopc all you have to do is press the download button then it’ll download the program in a zip folder for you

  25. all homophobes and gay ppl should be treated equal

  26. actually they probably have different teams to work on different games

  27. yeah a team on every game except fucking tf2

  28. please tell me this sub is ironic because if not this is the most fucking sad thing ive ever seen

  29. Non-flaggy? I know there are things like script in the flag or overdetailed flags are not good for eyes, but I don't think so, that there are any rules, how a "flaggy" color looks like...

  30. Well, the creamy, almost pastel orange and white feel wrong, and probably wouldn't fly very well. This is a victim of Corporate Logo/Artstyle Syndrome™️ and the shapes and colors are odd and irregular in the context of a flag.

  31. One of my favourite sayings in the world of flags is something like

  32. Light green but honestly HFASC should be in light green too

  33. everyone else shitting on bi people for no goddamn reason at all

  34. you're the kind of kid to respond to the teacher calling a line 'straight' with:

  35. tf2 players when their video game made by a multibillion dollar company that changed the face of gaming with unique gameplay and core elements gets mentioned in pop culture (that's the small niche game they like!!1!)

  36. I seriously dislike it. I feel like defined lines on flags feel so weird (except for stuff like bends, fesses and crosses) and just shouldn't really be on flags

  37. I'm not sure if thats the best option because a not-too-clear majority of the time she is a nice person, and we've been living together for 6 years.

  38. https://www.eyespysupply.com/self-contained-covert-hidden-nanny-camera-motion-sensor.html

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