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  1. I have it saved from discord but pop off I guess

  2. My God, I was so furious seeing russians claim they're only doing precise strikes on military targets and commie westoids repeating that earlier this year. For the love of God, these mfers had Beslan and Nord Ost in their country.

  3. Is Nord Ost the one where they pumped knock out gas into the theatre but killed a bunch of civilians due to exposure to the gas for too long?

  4. Damn that’s clean love the paint job. How did you do the weathering?

  5. It’s Tuesday for me. I’m in the future

  6. I don’t know but I hate to be the bearer of bad news so I’m gonna say yes, we won.

  7. Only if I can put glow in the dark stickers on the wall and turn off the lights.

  8. Overwatch who give the best head tier list next

  9. Definitely one of the least funny forms of comedy hating people because you find them cringe

  10. Agreed and speaking for myself, I have enjoyed plenty of things that have deservedly gotten thrashed by critics and audience alike.

  11. I personally loved battlefield hardline, the gameplay, customisation everything was fun for me. I got a lot of hate for it though cause it wasn’t a ‘real battlefield game’

  12. 💀 (A-10 stans after I strafe their house with a 15 second burst of 30mm)

  13. A-10 fans when it misidentifies them as a target (it has the highest friendly fire incident rate of any US aircraft)

  14. Due to the use case or something specific to the air frame?

  15. Because it’s pretty outdated tech wise. Pilots have to assess targets with binoculars then engage so typically they misidentify targets not to mention the weapons are very dangerous to anyone in the vicinity.

  16. She’s gonna make you do a test to make sure you were listening.

  17. What skill can you learn in just 2 hours that’s useful to the grind? Seriously wanna know what skills he means it’s perplexing

  18. What did you think about the quote during the end of fallout 4 by Shaun “you really did it father, you really were the fallout 4”?

  19. FTL is probably a game that would run on anything and you can sink countless hours into

  20. nostalgia critic aka doug walker, he also made (iirc) a parody album of the wall or smth

  21. That was it, I just remember thinking that it was awful and had no real content that were valid. Like personally I’m not a fan of pink Floyd but I can at least recognise their symbolism of thatcher era Britain.

  22. The Wall wasn't about Thatcher era Britain. She became PM in 1979 when the album as already out. The 70s in the UK as a whole saw a huge resurgence of the far right so was more about that in the parts set in modern day while also being a reassessment of attitudes towards World War 2 that punk brought to the fore.

  23. yeah I mean this just the more options under the standard binary choices. They went out of the way to get annoyed by inclusivity.

  24. You know the spikes they use to keep pigeons off of buildings?, them everywhere

  25. Prison prison? Or horny prison?

  26. The average man thinks about floppa every 56 seconds

  27. Good thing I only count time in intervals of 56 seconds

  28. There are 56 seconds in what scientists call a “floppa moment”

  29. The government doesn’t want you to know this but there are free rocks in the ground. (I have so many rocks)

  30. While not American as these posts are clearly talking about American politics. She in my opinion is entitled to be annoyed at a conservative supporter as to no surprise they mainly focus on platforms of eroding the rights of women, lgbt etc. she is entitled to not want to have to date a conservative. The conservative she mentions isn’t entitled to a relationship with her. This is how dating works their is no entitlement to each other’s time.

  31. The "you're all snowflakes" crew when they're told to simply fuck off:

  32. The “you’re all snowflakes” crew when the movie mermaid is black:

  33. Cyberpunk as a TRRPG is meant to be played with friends, and I think 2077 would benefit from a multiplayer mode that worked in the same vein.

  34. Legit this imagine having a crew of your friends, I’m very excited about the idea. I’m happy that cdpr is expanding its capabilities and options for players to explore the worlds they have created.

  35. He looks like a randomised sim

  36. I was banned and to this day I don't know why?

  37. Same, I just reinstalled after a year recovery after a bad break up. Two hours in banned I’m choosing to see it as a blessing rather than a curse ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  38. I enjoyed it aside from the gameplay issues. Im a "power gamer" I have a RTX 3090 i7 9700k. So the whole performance issues thing everyone was bitching about didn't really effect me. My issues where more with gameplay elements being shoddy or downright broken. For example driving was shit at launch and the Bloodpump Mod just didn't work.

  39. I was in a similar boat with a rtx 3070 and an i7 8700k

  40. Combining i7 8700k wirh an rtx 3070? That seems weird , don't you get cpu bottlenecked in most games (especially cyberpunk with all that npc and reflections)

  41. I haven’t experienced any bottlenecking, the only reason I have such an old cpu was because I originally had a temp card but never brought an upgrade till the 3000 series.

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