1. I always remember this Russian guy that I ran into once and we got chatting about what both of our cultures history was and when I mentioned Scotland he seemed to know a lot of Burns poetry and could recite it off by heart, although with a Russian accent rather than Scots, it was actually quite beautiful.

  2. Give my best mate a beer and she becomes an Irish history goddess. She loves sharing stories of her Irish heritage and history and I love learning about it so we sit together and have a good howl about history.

  3. Favourite character worst moment? When Gunn is happily singing ‘Three Little Maids’ and Wesley cringes at him and he changes it to singing a rap song. Let Gunn like things without judgement Joss!

  4. To me? Helpless. I can’t imagine being tricked by my father figure into a “test” that would most likely kill me.

  5. Same man, even though I love Anthony Head and Giles the character, what he did in Helpless is always at the back of my mind and that is what makes it all the more creepy.

  6. Oh my God theres a flag where they added the black, lol.

  7. As a Modern Family fan this seems like such a Mitchell moment, where he says something strange and then thinks and goes "Oh my god!"

  8. Really? Cause the flat roof on my extension became somewhat of a fertility clinic/brothel for them this past year and when it isn't used for mating, it is used for fight club.

  9. Geez what is with that meal though... oj with meatballs that alone would have me hurling then 2 sweets on top cookies and cake but no veggies, starches...

  10. Hey! Someone thinks the same as me! My family always has stuff like sliced carrot, sliced cucumber and stuff with dips just in case someone is feeling for a bit of veg snacks and the veg tends to go the fastest.

  11. Very true but I would also argue that you have to historical cultures in the context of the time period. Whilst many things the Islamic cultures did was deplorable, none of it was particularly unique by the time period. I'm not saying we should idolise these figures, not at all, but it's important not to brush them off by modern standards.

  12. A lot of the societal stuff the Norse people bought to Scotland stuck. Women could sign a cheque at a bank in Scotland way before women could do it in England. A fact that annoyed my Grandfather when he moved to England and my grandma couldn't do the banking without his signature (late 50s.)

  13. Funnily enough the Anglo-Saxons also had very progressive ideas about women's rights. It was the Normans who brought intense sexism to England. Alot of the historicaly very negative aspects of England like the sexism, militarism, expansionism, and even the rigid class system can be traced right back to the Normans.

  14. Ooft. Feck the Normans. Scots society does have it's flaws, I can't deny that but England is very weird culturally speaking, it still has sexism and a rigid class system but loves to deny it when they need to or just be outright blunt about it, like Liz Truss talking about being "Anti-Woke" to gain her peers votes and stir up some publicity which bought the worst people out of the woodwork to cheer at that while forgetting she will doesn't care about them either.

  15. I never understand why people complain about her addiction arc so much. I guess 90% of those who do only now alcohol addiction and only from the media. I think it is rather well-written! and this scene is perfect.

  16. I feel they showed the mental side of it really well and the trying to repair relationships too, however I don't like that we only got like one scene of the physical side effects (Willow shaking and sweating in bed.) When I quit alcohol I had some symptoms like the flu x10. It took a few weeks to get over that by myself cause for some reason I didn't call a doctor to help.

  17. Opinion polls have Labour being absolutely miles ahead of Conservative. If there was a GE tomorrow, Labour would win a majority easy looking at recent surveys. The only issue is can Labour keep that for another year and a half until the next GE

  18. Spitting facts I failed my GCSE’s (I’m in England) and I was always belittled by teachers and made to feel stupid and when I got to college I was told quite a few times that I’m really clever and were surprised i failed every GCSE except a lucky pass grade in maths

  19. Saaame! Except I never went to college to do my GCSEs again, I went into work on farms, where for the first time my mentors said how clever I was and encouraged me to take my time in learning. It felt weirdly refreshing having a grizzled farmer sip his coffee and let me take my time working out the maths rather than a teacher huffing and getting impatient cause it took me longer than the other students or worse, giving up entirely which means there are certain core things that I just don't know.

  20. I'm doing my GCSE'S now, my last year before A-levels. This is far harder than I expected.

  21. I got two texts within 24 hours with the same message just different links.

  22. I would think that Brennan would see the stones in the ring and ask where the stones came from due to the blood diamond industries around the world and the worker exploitation in developing countries that revolves around the mining industry.

  23. Tararre, look at me. Did you eat a fucking baby?

  24. That might be because they aren't allowed to use/request to use the bathroom at a clients home. Something to do with professionalism?

  25. Wait… what?! This is news to me, I was always told by my grandma to get the good biscuits out and buy the decent hot drink stuff for when the workers come over!

  26. When there is a really loud Harley or similar bike going past, me and my friend will do the South Park coughing thing.

  27. As Michelle says “That’s the English for you. Fucking savages.”

  28. Yeah, there's a reason so many poorer people in previous centuries had terrible health... eating potatoes every day really isn't a substitute for a balanced diet!

  29. So true. You don’t even have to look too far back in history either to see that extreme food poverty effected the development of children and the health of adults in ways that were disabling to them.

  30. Mash em with a heap of butter and throw in some frozen veggies and spinach

  31. Cauliflower, that’s what my grandma always did and still does. It bulks it out and gives extra vitamins.

  32. What do you mean? My friend was really happy when I gave them "Call of Poohthulhu!"

  33. Eh… as someone who owns a pit… they just love every single thing you do. It’s just 100% complete trust. Some might call it “stupid,” but I call it “stupid and loving”

  34. Pits are banned in the UK but we a similar breed, a Staffordshire, you think they would be tough cause they have big heads, broad bodies and are just strong. But then reality hits and you realise that they are accident prone clowns that only want to see the people around them smile.

  35. Yeah, my friends one was really buff, like a little body builder but then would face plant the floor cause he tripped up. They really have no awareness but they are so lovely personality wise that we all just treat them like a little toddler that doesn't quite understand the world yet.

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