1. You gotta hot plate that shit, no grit, legit.

  2. What a great photo, and some really good looking comfort food too! Is that mug ceramic or metal? Reminds me of a camp mug I used to have.

  3. Yeah this shit shows up on my feed sometimes and I don’t know why. This shit is disgusting. People cheering are fucking psychos.

  4. You do realize they are both willing combatants, right?

  5. No drunk people riding them? As a brit I feel let down

  6. Fuck Balenciaga and anyone who supports them. The kids BDSM backpack with pedo papers snuck in the shot was the last straw. Sick fucks

  7. That's because they used to be an adventurer like you...

  8. Word salad with ketchup and mustard, nice.

  9. 10/10 would buy AKC before that. And blade city sells alot of junk.

  10. He’s saying you’re so dumb he can sell you a bridge.

  11. Not just any bridge, the Brooklyn bridge.

  12. The noises she made didn’t really sound human. What the fuck is wrong with her lmfao

  13. And now it's time for the siding airing of grievances!

  14. Yes, you lose the artifacts. That sounds like a nice feature though!

  15. Thanks for the reply. I ended up winning the fight! It took longer to get all my dinos in order than it did to defeat the boss haha.

  16. Sweet! Just pm me if you have any future questions!

  17. Awesome, Cheers! It was my first big boss fight. I try not to Google stuff if I can, I prefer talking and this community is great. Have a good night friend!

  18. lads, I'm on my 3rd set of batteries. my discman is suffering right now. also, don't sleep on that third eye track, it's really good.

  19. That DBB kills the batteries but it's essential for this album.

  20. Ahhhh, the Dynamic Bass Boost. And no Walkman is worth having without ESP. Not that ESP but the Electronic Skip Protection feature. The good ol' days.

  21. Hahaha yeah I almost forgot about that. We got pretty creative back in the day putting them in the backpacks and skating around town to sesh spots, wrapping it a shirt, bungee cords hanging it from the inside, nothing fucking worked. Even the ESP was only 5-7 seconds I think. I dunno,I remember I got an mp3 player pretty early on, came with a console that you would load CDs into and rip them onto the player from there.

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