1. I recently walked out of the theater during Skinamarink- made it about halfway. What a freeing feeling that was. That movie just did not work for me- and I knew exactly how it was going to play out.

  2. For me I can’t help but think.. every time I see him playing… Matthew Judon….. Body built by Taco Bell.

  3. The best jazz baths with bath bombs money can buy though. These ain’t your grandmas bath bombs.

  4. My man, even with the edit… Mahomes stats are not “really good”, they are “great”. There have only been 14 instances of a QB throwing 40+ TD’s in a season. There have only been 15 instances of a QB throwing 5000+ yards in a season. Mahomes achieved both of those this year before playing the 17th game. With the weakest supporting cast he’s ever had.

  5. Because, technically, it's not about the best player. It's about the one most valuable to his team. Mahomes is otherworldly, but his supporting cast is way beyond what Rodgers had and the same is true of Manning when he kept winning it. Both guys missed a year, and both teams collapsed on both sides of the ball.

  6. Bengals are notoriously good at adjusting, as evident from these past games. We need to play a full game and be ready to adjust to their adjustments. Looking forward to what will hopefully be a great competitive game of football.

  7. The crowd noise shit is always so fucking annoying. Most NFL players have played in much louder college stadiums and have still managed to hear the play

  8. Except every year there are times when you can clearly see offenses struggling to communicate and execute plays because of particularly loud crowd noise. It can certainly impact the game.

  9. For mainstream modern films, It usually takes a 4.0+ before I assume I’m going to find it a good film. For older, niche, classic, and most foreign films I will take a 3.8+ as a good sign. I just find recency bias is a big factor in letterbox ratings.

  10. While situation is messed up.. and I know this really did happen here… but there’s some dark humor in “They shot me in my bodycam” NGL.

  11. Honestly, the gorilla. If you don't smile or stare at it, and avoid making yourself seem threatening, it'll more than likely leave you alone.

  12. I feel like you could just wrap a bunch of layers of clothes/padding over your body and be snake proof. There’s no gorilla armor in a mall.

  13. If it’s a normal mall it’s called torture, if it’s a Bass Pro Shop it’s called sport.

  14. I want to vote for Portrait but I didnt see Persona so I will abstain.

  15. Just vote for portrait anyway- thats what everyone else is clearly doing 🙃

  16. Parasite, EEAAO, A Hidden Life. Maybe Bo Burnhams “Inside”. Nothing else.

  17. What did you like most? The pee, the poop or the barf

  18. This is exactly it. It was way too crass to try to be as high brow as it did. Literally everything in that movie was a hollow shell of another movie doing the same better.

  19. Yes, because it's bad to like a great mashup of different styles, a whole lot of excess and fictionalized stories based on something?

  20. The only thing I take issue with is the word “great”. I just don’t think Babylon is “great” at anything you said and there are lots of actually great films that do all the things you just said much better than Babylon does, without all the cringe stuff.

  21. my mind is boggled by this...they send these dm's right, do...do they think they just disappear after they are read....

  22. It doesn’t really matter if background and one-off characters change voices though. Depending on who they go with to voice R/M, it may be a little jarring. Even then, there are people out there who do great impressions of them, so I’m not worried. Writing is much more important.

  23. I don’t know how anyone can place so much weight on Harmon. If you’ve ever seen anything Roiland has ever done outside R&M it’s clear as day he was the primary source of material.

  24. Honestly, I'm surprised at how many nominations EEAAO. I thought at minimum only Ke Huy Quan and Michelle Yeoh will get nominated, with it also having a decent shot at best picture, costumes, editing, screenplay, and writing.

  25. This is a Life is easily my favorite song from a movie this year. Really set the tone of the whole film. But I could see it going overlooked.

  26. It getting any screenplay nod is hilarious to me, this film definitely didn't showcase a particular strength in its writing.

  27. That one made me laugh- I enjoyed the movie but first thing a friend and I said walking out the theater was “well that’s not winning any writing awards.”

  28. I know Avatar gets a lot of mixed reviews but it has to be a lock for visual effects right?

  29. Yes, I can only imagine those trying to make a case for any other option just didn’t watch Avatar. It’s the easiest Oscar lock I have ever seen. Best Visual Effects.

  30. I can’t really say but as a Chiefs fan I feel like Lamar has been the single most frustrating QB we’ve played against the past couple years. Burrow and Allen keep beating us, but those losses often feel more on the receivers killing us as much as the QB. With Lamar we would manage to shut plays down only for him to somehow keep drives alive and make stuff happen on his own so much I would pull my hair out.

  31. Burrow is more the reason than you want to admit.

  32. I am incapable of really comparing them but Burrow is an excellent QB and I always worry about playing the Bengals right now. I’m looking forward to a great challenge on Sunday.

  33. Interesting. That statline looks like World Cup goals or something- just a very difficult thing to do that you could potentially blow away with a single really strong season.

  34. I’m probably gonna catch some flack for this one but if I had to pick the most overrated of all these on the list.. to me it’s Empire Strikes Back. Classic Star Wars is great but has no place in a top films of all time list. That’s pure fandom and nostalgia carrying the title.

  35. I never saw the point of both the heart and the 0-5 rating scale, atleast with how I personally use the scale. So I devised my own little method- I rank all movies 0-5 and allot a single heart for each year to denote my favorite movie of that year. I hope to eventually have a single heart for every year to have a personal best of list over the history of film.

  36. I can see this continuing against a hobbled mahomes.

  37. I don’t think we should forget Andy Reid’s creativity and the unpredictability of the situation. I’m certainly worried Bengals might walk over us but it’s gonna be especially hard for Bengals D to game plan this week.

  38. you managed to stay awake while watching Barry Lyndon?

  39. You mean #45 on the Sight and Sound 100 greatest movies of all time poll, Barry Lyndon? Yea, I made it.

  40. He certainly has a few bores- I hated The Most Beautiful.

  41. Social media outrage doesn’t help anybody. It just builds riffs in relationships. Which is not good for camaraderie. Imagine a close friend has been getting on your nerves lately- what do you think is more likely to bring a positive attention to the problem and help fix it? A heart to heart talk with them or posting a tell all complaint of Facebook where their mom and friends and coworkers can see it?

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