1. This is an amazing deal don’t listen to everyone who shits on Hyundais, they’ve never owned one. This will be a very reliable car.

  2. They’re aligning themselves with Russia which is a huge issue.

  3. What is wrong with you people? Know what else was in DEEP VALUE territory? SVIB. It was OvErSoLD BUY BUY BUY..

  4. So you think the regional banking sector will collapse for good and be snuffed out by larger banks? Based on what?

  5. You just had the 2nd and 3rd largest bank failures in history. So... that.

  6. Had you bought the dip in bank stocks in 2008 you would have made significant returns. The government has stepped in to prevent more bank runs. Since the fed is insuring all deposits, there is almost no risk of another bank run. How would the entire regional banking system never recover?

  7. What about NIO? Or I am the only one fucked

  8. This appears to be an all in zero risk move. Anyone else agree?

  9. Did you post this on YouTube? It’s well made, why only put it on Vimeo? where nobody will see it

  10. So a black woman on a pancake box is more racist than removing a black woman from said box? Because her name is supposedly racist. Something that zero people even thought about in the current era? People literally just bring up this dumb bs to be divisive and stir up antagonism. Embarrassing.

  11. They might as well cancel Fanta because it came from Nazi Germany. While the origin is from racism, the current iteration is nothing of the sort. The logo is harmless and people who make a big deal about it need to touch grass.

  12. So you’re too pompous to actually contribute. People like you are the least knowledgeable because you’re so arrogant

  13. You clearly don’t know anything. Just pretending to be an expert to put others down. Grow up

  14. $3k due at signing, that alone if it was amortized over the length of the lease would make this a $182 a month car. It’s also going to ultra low mileage

  15. My point was simply that minivans don't even clearly beat pickups in terms of MPG, so they certainly don't clearly beat vehicles like a Ford Explorer, which are what most people are griping about people buying over a minivan. And if you run down the mpg numbers for Explorers and similar at

  16. Home insurance is dirt cheap. You can’t afford $300 bucks a year?

  17. Show me your alphabet puts then. You’re highly regarded, can’t even search. Gonna take your wife out with my google gains.

  18. You’re so stupid to not see the flaws in google you have tunnel vision like many other who thought GE CISCO and INTC were to cream of the crop.

  19. Yeah i think you just dont understand how search engines work. Watch a couple videos on how to use google properly

  20. He has special powers as commander in chief and in national emergencies. He could ban it as a National security risk if we are at war with China. Which could happen.

  21. You do not understand the constitution at all. Trumps ban was on foreigners coming into the U.S, in fact citizens were exempt from the ban. The president is not a king. Short of declaring martial law and suspending habeas corpus, an executive order will never apply to all Americans.

  22. Well ill just post this and if i get roasted whatever.

  23. The fact that the system allowed for it to be removed and you don’t even care shows the worst of Reddit mods. They don’t give a shit when others are censored it’s just collateral damage. Put some duck tape on your mouth so you know how it feels.

  24. Developing? Useless when others are already far ahead. Does baba even do AI? I doubt they will be able to make something to rival what google is creating.

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