1. looks like you're a GC playing with a bunch of silvers

  2. Why doesn’t anyone ever list the 48?

  3. It's not technically "subcompact"

  4. Daytona and might as well throw in a datejust

  5. So are Rolex watches becoming like Hermes bags? You walk in and they have them in the store but won’t sell them to you unless they determine you deserve one ?

  6. been like this for a long time

  7. My guy didn't know that blocking someone removes ability to contact either user. Superior college educated btw

  8. Can you not read and understand that I blocked you to end the conversation to prevent myself from losing more braincells talking to your dumb ass? Go sell some more replica designer you complete bum lmaoooo. Or is mcodnalds taking up too much of your time for you to pursue that these days? Lmao absolutely crying once I saw you’re a REPLICA clothing seller lmfaoooo. No wonder you were so hung up on the $7000, that’s your yearly salary!! Lmaoooo

  9. I don't think you know what retail flaws are like. If you're so picky you shouldn't be buying from cockx. Buy or rent some bots to cop at launch. Not spend $7000 on cockx. Goofy

  10. Lmao buddy, only goofy one is you. You didn't see my orders conditions so don't act like you did and make assumptions about "retail flaws" lmfao. Calling someone goofy on a reddit post about Stockx lmao you're pathetic bud. Go get a life and some education if you could ever get in somewhere.

  11. no lol. They expect us to be sending the postcards over this way

  12. offer around on eBay, make sure authenticity guarantee is on.

  13. so sorry to hear but unfortunately that watch is good as gone. Hope you're alright.

  14. replace the aftermarket one with a Daytona

  15. If the recession comes, people won’t be buying luxury goods, let alone fretting over the authenticity of papers and accessories. They’ll be preoccupied with paying for essentials.

  16. luxury goods are statistically proven to superiorly hold value through recessions.

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