1. Do you have trauma around a vacation as a kid? Like did your parents divorce after a vacation or something?

  2. Nope. I just have distance anxiety after a couple days. I’ve always had that since being g a child

  3. Why not buy a Gen Daytona and have a bezel done ?

  4. I ordered the One X2 from Amazon yesterday. It arrives tomorrow. Now I got to leave it in the box until Thursday in case I want to return it and get the new one.

  5. You have 30 days to return once opened. I opened mine last week shipping back tomorrow

  6. Aren’t they worth nothing now? I had 40k staked. Gave up caring when I saw some post saying project was dead? Can someone explain

  7. Can’t find my name or any friends or family. Is this the full list?

  8. I haven’t seen these online are these fantasy

  9. Not sure. Also hadn’t seen them. Didn’t realize sellers have reps that aren’t even copies of any real product?

  10. Actually just stopped by a Hermes botique. The gen look much the same

  11. I’ve been out of game since November…. LRC staked on main net is safe?

  12. Sam probably started all of this to hopefully take all of Celsius and voyagers customers. I said ti from the start that ftx was behind the downfall of Celsius and voyager

  13. No. The US Bankruptcy Code technically requires creditors to file a Proof of Claim with the court itself. This doesn't absolutely have to be done if Celsius has already designated you as a creditor. However, in order to find out if they scheduled you for the correct amount, you would contact Stretto.

  14. Why don’t we just contact stretto vs filing? Like why did you make that choice? How do you contact stretto? Celsius won’t follow up on my prof of funds. I lost all my families retirement please help me to file. What do I do

  15. You can verify with Stretto if you're on the creditor list and for how much. If the amount doesn't match, you should file a Proof of Claim with the court. You will receive instructions with the Notice of Commencement, but they're also on the Stretto site under "File a Claim".

  16. But we’re out 100% they’re out 70%. Not sure where I took a 50-70% haircut comes from? They also can sit on that btc and ride it back up, if you don’t sell you didn’t loose mentality there. We straight lost?

  17. I'm making an assumption that we are going to get 30-50% back. Just my personal belief. I don't think it will be a total loss

  18. God I can’t imagine we get any back but let’s hope and pray

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