1. Venue and Jupiter by March 1 will look like they are touching each other., but just passing

  2. Property Taxes are OUTRAGEOUS for a rural town with no where to shop but Walmart or Kroger. If you get on outskirts of county away from Athen’s City Schools district then they are lower with more property. If you want land and lowest taxes look into Vinton or Meigs Co 30-40 min drive to Athens. Schools are smaller also.

  3. It was the state auditor’s office who found this, right? I’d like to know 1) how the state was tipped off to investigate; and 2) should the Athens county auditor have been on top of this?

  4. it said an electrical fire🔥 happen and some records were lost so when it could not be reconciled at local level then the State stepped in with an audit, went down hill from there when certain docs were not given. Also makes me think was the fire 🔥truly a fire or was it started to completely cover up this intentional fraud, any way it sparked 😉 😛this major debacle, I believe there is more suspicion as some of the co workers are related?? but not 100% about this.

  5. I've been impressed by every firelands scientific strain I've tried. The landing in Cleveland had all firelands 30% off this month. 🤘

  6. Firelands Scientific owns The Landing they can afford the discount.

  7. The Dispensaries can stay open until grow is repaired selling fellow co cultivators products until then. UNLESS there is a reason to pull out of poor rural WV not making the $$ they thought? Trulieve bought Harvest Health and Recreation which was the most corrupt sketchy cannabis co in the nation and Trulieve CEO husband is in Prison for bribery scheme in Florida how do you think Trulieve got so many dispensary license there over 100 and his company help build them out, but nothing to see here. I would say they thought WV was a cash cow with acquiring 10 license and 1 grow license swooping to scoop up who ever would sell.

  8. All the dispensaries partnered with Firelands in WV are called The Landings and cultivator is Hillfire. They will have ten dispensaries in WV when all completed.

  9. Shell Chemical had a major explosion that killed 2 or 3 people, it’s now the Kraton plant

  10. I don't know if this helps, I have a gun store and a FFL which is a federal firearms license, required to sell firearms.

  11. Yes your responsibility as a FFL holder, example: you know Joe blow down the street was convicted of domestic violence, but his wife comes in with no record and buys a gun for the same household, can’t do it. I would not risk a Fed Charge, Pres son will soon let this be known, I am sure he this will be one of the charges on him.

  12. There are cameras directly on the ATM’s asked management to pull their video or ask BOP to do it .

  13. How does a simple possession charge even become a federal charge? Do you have to be smoking dope on the White House lawn or something?

  14. It’s called taking a plea of a lessor charge like trafficking. So it affects like 6500 criminals This is a big political stunt. is he going to re hire all the people on his staff and WH that he fired in his first 90 days in office For marijuana use? No he won’t you all voted for this clown and he is using all of you for HIS political gain.

  15. If you plan on buying a home in Athens City School district your taxes are quite high. If you want lowers the outer areas of the County but schools are smaller too and long bus rides for some. Athens city mainly caters to students , housing for family rentals is scarce.

  16. Yes they will, just check out their Ohio side Firelands Scientific, their dispensary in Huron you will see what they will be producing soon in WV

  17. I believe WV owned but backed by out of State funding good sir. They connected with companies outside the State I'd imagine they got backing from the same folks they got their genetics.

  18. They are financed by Firelands Scientific who has a state of the 25,000SF all glass grow in Huron,Ohio with one dispensary but were awarded 2 more provisional dispensary license in Oh. 5 dispensaries are the limit in Ohio, so they are expanding where they can have 10 dispensaries in WV I believe they waited to see who won license for grows and dispensaries and made them offers In WV, in Ohio you cannot just go buy a dispensary unless it has been open for at least 1 year. So they found a market that they could do this.

  19. Wow their labels look exactly like parent company Firelands Scientific just change the name!

  20. Rumor Harvest in Athens voted Union, but other 2 Columbus and Beavercreek did not

  21. MitziLou’s is a pizza, sandwich, panni’s takeout on St Rt 56 past UPS just opened late Spring, they also help employ the disabled. great food Win Win, they have a FB page.

  22. Nice to finally meet the owner or the manager 👍

  23. I am not either they just have a good concept and good food, help the community, I used to work close by.

  24. Dentist at Athens Dental Depot told me I had nine cavities that needed filled even though I’ve never had a cavity in my life. Got a second opinion from my dentist back home who said that there was at most one that I might want to keep an eye on but did not recommend filling.

  25. Yea they are like Aspen Dental push all those extra sales. Fell for it once!

  26. They are in WV now under Hillfire and The Landings so they are investing tons of $$ there with 10 dispensaries and 1 grow and processor, more than they will ever have in Ohio.

  27. Program will be over, these cultivators would have an extremely hard time growing cannabis with THC this low this is more like hemp, problem is hemp is tested at site where grown immediately before drying after it’s dried the THC goes way up. Cannabis in medical programs is tested after drying it’s so screwed up.

  28. I think its weird we need to shop sales to get medicine. we probably want to address that ;)

  29. Well if it gets passed to have it regulated like Liquor Control, then this could be where they could step in and have state minimum pricing like they do on beer products, actually this keeps the big boxes from putting all the small mom and pops out of business, if we did not have this in Ohio they would be the only ones selling beer products. Businesses can sell for more than state minimum but not less, but customers notice this right away if one place is selling for more. Right now it’s just an understood rule to sell product at double what they paid for it in cannabis, So Cultivators really set the prices, but they also give bigger discounts to dispensaries for larger orders.

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