1. I don't think the Jojo's characters make explosions appear when they pose. All 3 go to the power rangers then

  2. DIO posed so hard Polnereff couldn't walk up a flight of stairs

  3. And Polnareff has seen Avdol's poses so that says a lot

  4. Joseph: "Wait.. let me try this: Hermit Purple: The World!"

  5. Jotaro: old man, you lost your plot armor with age uh? I hope i never get to that point

  6. It surprised me that the power of properly using your stand let jotaro not have to use the secret joestar technique. When even dio tried to use it

  7. Did you try to create a group with your friend and then invite him? If it didn't work then Sorry but idk how to help you

  8. I thought there was a possibility to create a group like on Xbox, sorry idk how to help you

  9. The thing about Superman is that he's the type of person that doesn't use his fists as a weapon but his humanity, i thing a moral code fits better for his character (with exceptions of course like Doomsday)

  10. Idk if it's controversial or not but ERB really need to make a ERB with Spider-Man

  11. Another cop: btw Supes, that was a $300 cable you lasered instead of just yelling down to tell us to shut it, so ... do we bill the Justice League, or ...

  12. He was not impressed at the start if you remember.

  13. Woops Im really sleepy sorry

  14. Don't worry it can happen, i was just confused by it

  15. Kars Vs Muzan (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Vs Demon Slayer)

  16. The real question is, why doesn't Superman just break those restrain?

  17. It could have been much better if they actually made better decisions with it, it's ironic that it came in the same year as Captain America Civil War which had the same concept, the difference is the MCU at that point had almost a decade of movies (still they made Civil War too early IMO) which DC didn't have, they only had MOS before that, most choices in the movie were forced, it was clear that they made those choices only to make a Justice League movie.

  18. DIO joining forces with not sure if that's possible

  19. I made this post because i thought of a made up Character using the light up the night by protomen. You know how wednesday has a power, I thought of another addams showing up and this song plays.

  20. I mean, i wasn't refering to you specifically, it was just a general thing i say

  21. Maybe I was trying to say music should appear for each character to express themselves fully, still I want more addams to appear, especially cousin itt

  22. Im not sure about cousin Itt appearing since the show seems to base himself on the comics and cousin Itt was created for the show, other than that yeah, i do want more Addams to appear aswell

  23. I would have done what James Gunn did-- Just in a different way

  24. Now Imagine Wednesday shouting "IM FUCKING INVINCIBLE" while Red Suns starts playing

  25. I respect your opinion and the amount of effort you put in this, i just think that Wednesday and Tyler should not be a couple

  26. This reminds me of that rumor about Batista playing Luthor in the imagine Luthor beating Superman using the Batista Bomb

  27. Jotaro would Ora-Ora him until there's nothing left of Homelander

  28. I would like a remastered of the MGS games and/or a sequel to MGR

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