1. Of course it was believable, up that point is literally already announced games, a Mario spin-off (there is at least 2 Mario spin-off coming out every year) and a game reveal that was already officially in the work (the Bandai Namco remaster/remake).

  2. Most useless fucking amazing goal in recent years.

  3. remember when Calabria was the best RB in Serie A?

  4. Maybe he was among the best italian RB, but even then I personally think Di Lorenzo is the best and Lazzari second best.

  5. Milan won a Scudetto and immediately went back in banter era, just like our NT.

  6. I really wonder why yuri stories always have unnecessary drama with side girls, what is the hook and what is the niche that enjoys it.

  7. Yeah I figured a Camaro wouldn't be keeping up with those crazy concept cars that Audi puts in LeMans but I thought maybe it could win it's category. How would that work for a triple crown? Do you need to win the top category at LeMans or does any of them work?

  8. Montoya tried to claim it when he won the LMP-2 Pro-Am subcategory and no one really supported it.

  9. If we include class win then the closer to an actual Triple Crown (by Graham Hill's definition) is Mario Andretti with 1x F1 WDC, 1x Indy 500 and 1x Le Mans class win (2nd overall).

  10. No, some people expect an official remaster to be as good as the leaked official XBLA version or at least community enhancements on emulators.

  11. Remaster? When was the NSO N64 emulator supposed to be a remaster?

  12. Isnt he same age as Donnaruma?

  13. Doesn’t matter because in 2-3 years they are both gonna be benched for Carnesecchi in the NT.

  14. Hasn’t it recently been officially announced that they would or are upping the production of the Switch?

  15. Always found it funny how Shulk went from „I‘m going to kill everyone“ to „I wanna find a peaceful solution to this constant war“ just because his girlfriend wasn’t actually dead

  16. It’s insane how every Xenoblade game is basically exploring the consequences of what zero pussy does to a mf.

  17. He went crazy because the pussy was gone

  18. I don't support Piracy but you should buy the European version of Xenoblade Chronicles X and emulate it on Steam Deck

  19. I pray for your eyesight. The font size in X is atrocious.

  20. Someone at Liberty absolutely dug this up 😂

  21. Yeah someone was definitely paid to bring up anything on him. An archived website from 2001 isn't something you'd just run across normally.

  22. 2001 wasn’t that long ago. Saying women aren’t as clever as men would have been a terrible take then too.

  23. I was following F1 back in 01 and women were just things to put half naked on the grid while the real men did the business. The macho-men image was core part of the branding.

  24. Imagine an actor being told they have to pay to go attend the premiere of the movie they starred in. Think about how stupid that would be.

  25. Voice actors in videogames do not influence the quality of the final product to the same degree actors in movies do.

  26. No platform confirmed. We don’t actually know anything about the game.

  27. Basically he’s saying the game is not getting a sequel then?

  28. This is increasingly becoming less and less manga related.

  29. Yeah this is just an ad for a porn subscription, I’m not sure why the mods even allow it to be posted.

  30. Platinum went bananas with the dithering in Bayonetta 3. I’ve never seen that effect implemented so poorly.

  31. It’s pretty visible in Mario Odyssey too.

  32. I think Kaoru is gay according to the source material too though... And Denji's horniness is much healthier than Shinji's.

  33. Kaworu is canonically Shinji-sexual in a platonic way.

  34. Mengo is more of a AkiHime fanatic, than Power enjoyer. She had a drunk twitcast few minutes after reading chapter 79, ranting her love for Aki and Himeno.

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