1. Anyone else see the buck shot botch Matt did with picture in picture? Lol

  2. I'm a huge sting mark. He is my favorite wrestler of all time. I did not want him to wrestle ever again and groaned about him having a real match 2 years ago. I've eaten that groan since. He's been absolutely great.

  3. Growing up I was never a huge sting fan. Now I can say I am. That's how good his aew run has been.

  4. Anyone have a good idea how to print this high quality so I can frame it and add it to my game room?

  5. Did he play hulkbuster at some point? Would have made qs 6 and the copy 6

  6. Hmm, maybe. That is wild. I guess the copy would be the q plus hulk buster?

  7. Stuntman Mike is an amazing villian. The movie has some great moments and the car chase is awesome. Unfortunately for me I feel the first scenes don't quite land. I would put it at the bottom though I love all of QTs films.

  8. Am I blanking on one? He's only made two westerns. Hateful Eight and Django. Did I miss one?

  9. Once upon of time has ppl making a western tv show in it.

  10. Mate I've been an in denial alcoholic for a few years now, but I'm drinking 3\4 a litre of whiskey every single day at the moment after I lost my Job. I don't get any withdrawals in the morning other than being depressed and feeling sick/generally hungover until I drink again. How long before you had serious issues?

  11. I believe that's enough to have withdrawal, it doesn't take much daily consumption to cause it. If you quit cold turkey you might need help. Be careful

  12. Guys, if you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut with alcohol and you're a heavy drinker, do not go cold turkey. You need to let your body slowly because acustomed to less alchohol. Ideally under the supervision of a medical professional.

  13. Alcohol withdrawal is worse than herion withdrawal and I believe the only withdrawal that can kill you.

  14. Absolutely. I love making some whiskey sours and kicking back with this film.

  15. So the guy upset about dirt sheets is very openly contributing to dirtsheetsM

  16. Oh weird, you're saying that punk is a hypocrite? Who knew!

  17. The only way I can see him being back in any capacity is if, internally/behind the scenes, he makes amends to everyone and issues major apologies to the locker room for his behavior. Not just those involved in Brawl Out.

  18. So in other words there's no chance he comes back

  19. Yeah there was even a hesitation before he name dropped them, as if he wanted to stop himself from saying The Elite but then realised he was too far into his sentence to just cut himself off.

  20. This is dumb. So they can't even mention them by name? Their name is in the company's name. What the hell is going on here.

  21. How are these legal issues still not cleared up? If Punk wants to sue, let him sue and get the boys back on TV. this drawn out process doesn’t make any sense.

  22. I have the same line of thinking as you. I don't really get it. Maybe punk is refusing to tell his side of the story so it's holding up the investigation? And if punk wants to sue good luck. He'll be going up against a billionaire and his side of the story holds no weight.

  23. Oh man, I'm going. That's all there is to it. I'm fucking going.

  24. Once lawyers get involved everything grinds to a halt. I'd be willing to bet Kahn isn't even directly involved in any of what is going on right now. You have to remember too that AEW's chief legal counsel literally witnessed the fight, so I'm sure that has massively complicated things. It's really just a bad look for everyone involved, having multiple major stars unavailable for AEW at a time where WWE is really gaining steam is not ideal.

  25. Excuse my ignorance but as soon as the investigation is done shouldnt the elite be able to return regardless of legal actions by punk? This investigation needs to hurry up, I miss my boys

  26. We don't know that Punk is the person threatening legal action. There's a very real possibility it's the Buck that got hit with the chair. It's likely a very complicated situation, because their are personal and very real business issues at play.

  27. Wasn't it reported that punk was yelling he was gonna sue?

  28. It's so funny how so many people on this board tend to follow the line that Punk is essentially the Antichrist, while citing the dirt sheets, all of which get their information directly from the Bucks and Omega ... which Punk complained about and started all of this off.

  29. It's funny tho cause Dave said it's usually punk side to talk to him first. He was getting annoyed at being called out for being only on the elites side yet he was always reporting punks side of things. It's almost like punk is a walking hypocrite.

  30. That's pretty wild. You know you hit the ball in the pumpkin or hedges. Look down and wait for the flashing. It's not tricky at all once you get the hang of it.

  31. But if punk sues AEW there's nothing saying the Elite can only wrestle after its concluded, right?

  32. Why are the elite suspended and Sammy is there as if nothing happened

  33. Bit of a difference between a Twitter feud and a fist fight.

  34. Because too many wrestlers and terrible booking/storytelling.

  35. I feel like people here arent focusing on the biggest problem which is AEW has way too many wrestlers. Their roster is so bloated at this point they could loses 2/3 of it and still be able to put on a great show. It's hard for anyone to be over if they only get tv time once a month. For me I think the height of aew was when Cole and Danielson came in. Ppl back then thought they had too many guys and look what they did after that.

  36. I think a lot of people have been quick to pile on Punk when there's like one super simple detail that turns all of this in his favor.

  37. I'm no lawyer but I think that would be near impossible to prove. Gossip isn't illegal. You would have to prove that the bucks told someone to tell the dirt sheets and also prove the bucks knew it was false and leaked it on purpose to make punk look bad. Punk would also have to prove that what was leaked was untrue. Which he might have not caused colt to be fired but he might have told Tony beforehand the same thing he said during the gripebomb. If he did you could connect the dots that punk was the reason why tony fired colt.

  38. Is the roh match now? What's the main? The boys coming back???

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