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  1. Rowlet, because it's final evolution has 2 types

  2. That little statue is awesome where can I find one for myself?!

  3. Actually it's for a phone charger lol, I got it from Ali express once

  4. Good luck, I love most of the artworks of the Umbreon cards!

  5. TL;DR: One answer to all three question: too much at once. ;)

  6. Great set! I just need Lugia and Typhlosion (18) to complete mine. Neo is getting pricey so I need to finish.

  7. Good luck, this set is only getting pricier. So be quick 😜

  8. Part of me wants to not finish my fossil/jungle/unlimited base set because I'll be sad when its done. I have like 75% of the cards and it would only cost me like ~1k to finish all 3 up. I'll get there eventually!

  9. Don't give yourself time pressure. Just enjoy the hobby, you will eventually get the set finished!

  10. The value on this one has sky rocketed over last few months, how much did you get it for? Looks NM

  11. €140,- 😳, I hope it will be worth it in the future

  12. Hell yeah man would you believe I got mine in the mail today as well? Lmao

  13. I collect everything! But mostly anything I know I had as a kid

  14. Got it for free with my order because the 25th anniversary of Pokémon

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