1. Occupy Wall Street. Companies found out how to exploit political correctness to their advantage. Wrote a shitty movie? Only hire minority actors. Have a poorly written show? Make the main character a bisexual black woman. That way any critics are just racist homophobic bigots and shouldn't be listened to.

  2. I hate when jerkwads complain to a manager because the people working there are humans and not cold emotionless machines.

  3. Your comment doesnt make much sense considering what happened.

  4. I'd rather receive no condolences over forced condolences.

  5. I remember a mod where you started as a dark lord, sadly you START as a dark lord not progress to it

  6. Sounds cool. Got a name so I can put it on the backburner? I might wanna give it a shot sometime in the future.

  7. TL;DR: Until you know someone that's received a false allegation or gone through it yourself, you'll never understand why guys like Henry say they're paranoid.

  8. I mean I get the Tate hate but I just don’t get worshipping celebrities as wholesome role models

  9. Celebrity worshipping isn't a reddit thing, it's a byproduct of the modern era. Even then, people have used celebrities and characters as role models before since before the internet. Mark Hamill was a popular role model when my dad was a kid because of his role as Luke Skywalker, and Gene Kelley was a popular role model in my Grammie's high school. (though that one could just be because her bus stop was across the street from the MGM studios and she would see all these famous actors when she was going to and from school)

  10. I waited until last month, and with putting like 140 hours into it ill say it's less buggy for sure by a long shot but the core things like parkour and combat and then story just being far worse haven't and wont change. I still played through it fully side quests and all (side quests are so trash compared to dl1) and i found enjoyment for what it was, but comparing directly to 1 its just not it.

  11. I remember people were complaining on release that zombies never grabbed, but now they're complaining that they always grab. Literal 0-100 from what I've seen people say.

  12. Honestly the core hasn't changed much. They've made it less buggy, but if you were unsatisfied with the game before you'll still not be satisfied with what's to offer. While it's true the ragdolls have been tweaked, it's more of a bandaid then an actual fix. Not to mention the biters grab your every 10 seconds now. Id hold off on playing till they announce what the changes will be on the year anniversary.

  13. Hopefully by the time I can afford a better pc it'll be closer to the feel of the first one. That gameplay loop they made feels like lightning in a bottle.

  14. The art style reminds me of the Bone comics they had at the Scholastic fair in elementary school.

  15. Did they have debt or something? Why would she fake her death? Genuine question

  16. Burn the clothes in public and say it's part of an art project.

  17. Who puts an already baked loaf in a brick oven?

  18. I like my bread like I like my fries. Well done.

  19. I checked the other sub to see what their thoughts on it and it's nothing new on that front. Their excuse for him not being credited is that hundreds of people worked on the game and weren't credited, as if they think every person who worked on models, animation, the game engine, etc. all took part in the writing of the first game's story.

  20. Why did they cast a handsome guy for Dahmer anyway? Dude was ugly af, looked like a necrophiliac.

  21. That's why I always played as a female in all the games I played.

  22. It's how my Costa Rican aunt pronounces Videogame lol

  23. If you like enf swimsuits, you're gonna love this

  24. It's like nuking a country. It's only cool if we do it.

  25. I love sending someone flying out a window, jumping out with him, and then catching he and myself with my pod. It feels so cool, though to an outsider looking in it probably don't look like much.

  26. A bit late for a reply, but I was introduced to him like many of us through Gunpoint. Absolutely loved that game and when I found out he was making this game I was on board from the day of it's conception.

  27. Why does nobody understand the correct use of POV

  28. Don't you go into 3rd person when you start thinking of her too? I thought that was normal.

  29. I am not surprised you think so Uncle Death.

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