1. “When that light hits the sky it’s not just a call…it’s a warning”

  2. The Russian guy with the car door, whatever happened there...

  3. Whatevah happened there? WHATEVAH HAPPNED THERE!!!???????

  4. Well if we are talking about shonen in general: Most sports, hobby, slice of life, romance/romcom, mystery, and comedy characters don’t get powerups. Also in Saint Seiya, I think they get their cloths reinforced/repaired, and sometimes just wear the gold cloths, is that a powerup.

  5. The God Cloths are a straight up power up

  6. I vividly recall League of Extraordinary Gentlemen going from 'wouldn't it be cool if all these classic literature characters teamed up' to 'God I hate Harry Potter, I hate Harry Potter so fucking much, I'm going to make Harry Potter the literal fucking antichrist because it's the antithesis of literature.'

  7. You know the Harry Potter hatred is funny enough the aspect that’s aged the best

  8. This is a fact made to hurt me as a Ben 10 fan particularly

  9. How about how county jobs that are open aren't being posted for the public notice( to apply ) but are somehow being filled. Usually by department family members or friends of family.. This never gets talked about

  10. Hi, I know this is a very late reply but do you know of any such positions like this that Iggy have been recently filled that nobody is talking about?

  11. All of those news stories are reporting when they were attempting to build on West Genesee St at West St. The update is that they are now building on Erie Boulevard East near Teall Ave.

  12. Hi do you think you could possibly DM me where the latest updates on this project are?

  13. I'm wondering if it could be Alfred. We don't see him leave the manor during the self-destruct so if he shows up it might be suspicious. That would also impact Batman a lot. Edit: looking at the solicits it looks like we'll find out next issue:

  14. Judging by the alt covers they kinda reveal who it is

  15. Wait hold on a sec isnt J’on one of the most powerful mind readers? Couldnt he he just read Bruce’s mind and be like oh wait guys he’s good?

  16. They have the same actors in English, though Yuto’s actor unfortunately dropped the ball and made him sound like the other Yu boys.

  17. That mysterious and powerful vampire king is

  18. I’m honestly thinking it’s |>Dick<|

  19. This question isn’t really answerable, and can only devolve into wanking about how if your all powerful being who canonically controls all of reality isn’t as powerful as a 4th wall breaking entity that also canonically holds infinite power in both our own and all other fictional universes, it loses.

  20. I think a lot about that one Stan Lee interview where he talks about who would win type shit, and he basically goes “well when I want Spider-Man to win I write Spider-Man winning, when I want Mr.Fantastic to win I write him winning”

  21. If you genuinely think Joker is more of a threat to Peter than the Green Goblin always is, ya wack lol

  22. Reminder that Norman started a deep fake campaign by pretending to be some secret prophet of a fake psychic mutant all just to fuck with Peter

  23. And? Details. What mindscrews did Norman tighten to drive Peter insane, push him to the breaking point or force him to question himself?

  24. Dear God I come before you humbled and embarrassed, please…..kill DM nostalgia

  25. He's looking like a G in the manga rn but nobody expects it to last.

  26. So not pictured here is Mazinkaiser Infinfity and Gaogaigar Vs Betterman

  27. The part that's no doubt gonna get to me the most is always the fact that there will absolutely be those that will DFEFEND this garbage.

  28. “You just hate to see a girl boss win”


  30. The fuck you mean you could beat Tommy Wiseau?

  31. we all probably have that one piece of media where the thing you like gets a upgrade but it just seems worse then the one before it what's yours?

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