1. Dashboard confessional, Pedro the lion, Sufjan stevens, Elliot smith, Vincent price’s orphan powered death machine, cowboys become folk heroes, the strokes, the Ataris.

  2. My wife saw them play local years ago. I’ve always been envious lol

  3. Been playing fine on series x, only issue is I can’t invite people. Worked earlier.

  4. Number 6. I was still slightly young. My mom order ppv and I stayed up late. It terrified me. Still have a soft spot for it.

  5. I’m fairly certain most of the songs are just Anthony singing random facts about California off of the wiki page

  6. I actually thought that to myself. The one scene where Corey is kinda backlit by red. Made me think of the cover of Henry.

  7. I really liked his character and feel his whole story would have been better suited towards its own movie. Yes I know it’s a wink to Christine. Thought he played the role amazingly and hope to see him in more stuff.

  8. You did it again. 😜 I'm not losing any sleep over it, it's just that it's funny. 😁

  9. Fun to point out I guess. Not really answering the question lol

  10. I can do that. I'd say we should not. We would be capitulating to the dumbing of The United States of America, and we'd spend a fortune on the new flags with screaming eagles with rockets and guns in their claws with the howling wolf with tank treads for feet in the background. I suppose that that is an expense that 'Murica wouldn't mind, though.

  11. Ok imagine I was smarter lol and more articulate. This would sum up my response

  12. Franchise could easily be carried by anyone. She dies and as I like to think Michael would just find another to stalk and kill. The fun fact is he doesn’t care. Jmc character could easily be replaced

  13. Waiting in a line and forced to make small talk for eternity

  14. If you're meaning that they're too good to be lvl 1, my assumption is that they are prob big Warzone players dabbling in MP when it's free.

  15. I’m by no means a fan boy to either company. I had a ps4 pro with a 2tb ssd and loved it. Wanted to upgrade and couldn’t for the life of me find a ps5. Had a shot at the series x. So far I’m quite happy with it and gamepass in general. It’s my new main console, I still play ps4 when I can though. So really comes down to what company has the better games or the games you prefer.

  16. That's actually why I wrote it because it happened to me lol .

  17. I was politely asked to not have my father come anymore and to see if my mom who lived far away would come haha sorry that happened to you to

  18. Taste decent enough, but yeah spice factor is basically nonexistent.

  19. That’s completely me. It also motivates me to figure out how to fix it and waste hours on it till I find the issue.

  20. Well mental Health has been huge during Covid and still now. A lot of people are honestly finding shit out about themselves. Now blaming everything on it is kinda annoying I’ll agree.

  21. Stop focusing on being good and sit back and enjoy the game. I play some fps games and honestly I could careless about how people think I’m playing. I just mute and have my fun. Single player games, I just keep on till I beat it. Basically what I’m getting at is have fun, it’s literally called a game for a reason.

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