1. I’m in Florida i have my ccw and I don’t know anyone with a ccw badge

  2. Krylon clear coat satin finish 8-9 coats and any grime or residue just wipes off with a paper towel check my posts to see how mine turned out

  3. Catch me in ur local Kmart offering self defense lessons Tuesday nights

  4. That's OK. Once you've had the bull, you can have a run at this calf.

  5. I wouldn’t stress I’ve done 4 or 5 frames now all like that with regular supports rails up they are a little annoying to remove but it ain’t that bad

  6. oh and its a psa dagger upper but most of the rounds put through it were on a durkin tactical upper.

  7. I’ve got about 500 through my dagger slide and printed frame glad yours is holding up well

  8. Handle it grips edge series is phenomenal I carry it daily and it has held up well

  9. Just the magpul one like it a lot for carrying as it’s a lot smaller than others!

  10. I posted on here 9 days ago for the first time not knowing a thing about printing your own gun. I live in Texas, yesterday I heard on Fox News that a person can print there own gun with a 200 printer. Is this BS or are they really that cheap?

  11. This was printed on an ender 3 max but I have printed functioning frames on an original ender 3 with about 50$ worth of upgrades got the printer on sale on Amazon for 185

  12. The file has microtexturing options to make it look more like an oem frame the inside is completely smooth

  13. Stippling sponges and high flow acrylic - both sold at arts and crafts stores

  14. Thanks for the great guide chairman! I pm’Ed him a link to your video

  15. Doesn’t look to be a 19x that looks more like a gen 3 frame if you ask me.

  16. True, it is a gen 3 and it uses 19 parts but has a 17 length grip

  17. Then how would you fit a 19 slide on a gen 4 17 frame without chopping it this was being attempted before and never succeeded a lot of people tried prior to the 19x

  18. yeah i might need the stl for this, im too broke for a real deagle but i got a pretty nice airsoft one for cheap a while ago

  19. Why does everyone set these up with the barrel pointed upward rather than sitting level?

  20. Design choice to keep weight at the rear for balance and because i was limited on base size as it sits inside a glass display case

  21. Waiting for the oLiGhT iS tErRiBle, gEt A rEaL lIgHt yOu pLeB posts. I have this light and it's awesome.

  22. Actually a big fan of o light I’ve had no issues and use some of there other lights daily to look under and around vehicles in the shop

  23. I would change the outer wall count and top and bottom wall count

  24. How was it with a Glock barrel I think technically the dagger Barrel is 3.9 and if my memory serves me the g19 is 4.02.

  25. Using a bear creek arsenal threaded barrel with no issues

  26. Can confirm it’s cross compatible and functions well, I used one for my most recent build it was like 170$ for the 19 size slide with rmr cut, and suppressor height sights it came complete I opted for no barrel and sourced my own

  27. Cults3D they're definitely not the best but it helps me out.

  28. Oh do you sell the files/designs there I’m all for supporting the artist

  29. Whole lotta gang shit 🔥 fire print 🔥 Railsupgang4life

  30. Also look up CHEP on YouTube and calibrate esteps it’s not hard at all and helps tremendously

  31. Ok thank you! I’m assuming that’s different then leveling the bed? I love that the S1 has the auto bed leveling, I level it before every print just to be 100% sure, I also have the printer itself on a 2” solid piece of granite which has seemed to help with any outside interference/vibrations

  32. Yes it makes sure your extruder is putting out the correct measurement of filament, the chep channel does a simple and to the point explanation and it really only takes about 10 minutes to do

  33. What settings did you use for this? I keep getting slight stringing

  34. Turn coasting on if your using cura it helps tremendously

  35. Coasting, stringing is almost nonexistent on my prints now

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