1. Like I said Redmunds pink himilyain (sp) salt specifically

  2. That's what I did, pink and celtic sea salt....and Seasonello sea salt. Excess salt gets stored in tissues which is bad.

  3. No dude redmunds! Otherwise who knows what you are putting in your body. Research that specific salt. I’m not saying it’s for everyone but the health benefits for me have been astounding. Read “ The Salt Fix”

  4. And the thing I didnt like about Redmunds was the darker crystals doesn't dissolve in water so i question whether it would when I consume it, wether they're just rocks goeing through my intestines...

  5. I'm fearful for a retrace to 20k. January pumped so fast, so we could also dump fast. I need some crab

  6. I think we're due for a dump at least back to 20k, some say even back to 15k.

  7. Too many people want that, so it won't happen.

  8. I agree with the idea that the market moves against what the majority are betting on and where the whales can make the most money, but I do think that buying has been exhausted and therefore, the whales will take this down....

  9. I’m sure you know, but Be careful of posting where you are

  10. I'd be ware of her, nice looking, vanlife on her own, she's a maneater I tell ya!

  11. Today might be the day to begin the dump phase, we've been going up for far too long without one...

  12. He says your working for these supp brands. Thorne is expensive but if you're getting what you paid for then I don't mind. I have chronic constipation and gut issues so Im alwyas looking for anything that helps that. Thanks for the report.

  13. Sunlight has no harm nor any biological effects whatsoever... ...

  14. Therefore can we conclude that the healthiest people are those that have never been exposed to sunlight… …

  15. Yes especially the stupid ones that think they're not the stupid ones. When they have no idea of knowing whether what they are echoing is true or false and their belief in it is solely based on faith in the source of that info.

  16. Must go further back in time....kind of like the same year talked about in Invisible Rainbow. Hahahahahahah....

  17. Show me the path to allow graphics and I'll do it.

  18. Mod tools --> Community Settings --> Posts and Comments --> Comments --> then turn on IMAGES, GIFS, and GIPHY

  19. Done. I was so close to finding it earlier, these things are a maze sometimes, but I'm sure you searched the answer, lol, Thanks for that.

  20. You want to prolong this honeymood phase as long as possible and avoid divorce like the plaque.

  21. 45min til FED rate, get reddy to rumble baby....

  22. Anyone else notice a pattern of markets dumping AFTER 401k injections? Yea me too.

  23. Asian here. Whatever that meant, I honestly dont care. I have better things to worry about.

  24. That's the attitude, just take it like a good azn. Speaking as an azn.

  25. Honestly you're better off just buying a bed canopy from Aliexpress for $450 and a frame. It would save you time.

  26. There's no way in hell I am using any more silver coated fabrics or products. Those things flake over time and lose effectiveness. The major issue is that you will inhale it into your lungs and get's into your body. I had a silver coated beanie and blanket and I would sweat on those warm days and nights and I didn't know at the time it likely leached into my skin. I wondered for over 2 years why my hair test kept showing increase in silver each time to EXTREMELY high levels 5 times that of the MAX average. And mind you I keep a clean shaven head. And stopped using that beanie after 6 months but still had a sweater and the blanket which i used often. My sensitivity continued to climb along with my silver level, coincidence or nothing to do with each other? I can't say. But I got rid of them and 6 months later, the silver started to decline back into range, been a couple years since my last hair test. Silver is the most conductive metal. Some of these products are doing more harm to people seeking protection. The conspiracy part of me tells me it may be a sick plan all along played by our rulers.

  27. I'd stay away from mag07 like the plaque. Used it for constipation and didn't work til the second or third day of recommended dose and had major diarhhea 4 times in one day and that night went into some mild but serious sepsis shock. take malic acid with meals and do liver flushed. Bile production and release should be your main priority. TUDCA helps break down bile sludge along with malic acid. I prefer malic acid long term to improve digestion. Best bowel movements of my life after 8 liver flushes.

  28. It's not hard to figure out the cause of constipation but if they did that, all the patients would know and spread the word and there would be no need to see a GI doctor and run all these test and do all those procedures.

  29. I don't need to read them when I know the truth already. Why don't you stop reading for a bit and do the simple test?

  30. If you read the Shielding reports, you would have realized I did do them. Learn how to debate. Don't refuse to read your opponent's sources. You stay ignorant and repeat your stubborn beliefs.

  31. Enemas are for stools that are stuck closer to that end. Her's is deeper than where the enema can reach and all the way up to the small intestine. Milk of magnesia since mag citrate liquid is not available since the recall. Milk of mag is a more gental laxative. I'd do 30ml and wait up to 12 hours before taking another dose of maybe 15ml but bottle says you can do up to 60ml in a 24 hour period but double check. Then after she empties, follow it with miralax twice a day to get things going again and taper off. Miralax is not good for unlclogging, but good at preventing them and maintaining.

  32. Yep I think you have a leak between the combustion side and the clean side. It happens. You could also smoke test your door seals. My doors don't seal great, and the exhaust is right by the rear door, so I smell a tiny bit during startup and shutdown. I have accidentally hit my breaker off while the heater is on, and the heater smells awful and wierd so I wouldn't be surprised if my heater isn't in great shape it this point. Also, I have heard this issue can happen from a crack in the combustion chamber. Why don't you try your 1ppm co meter on the clean air outlet during startup and shutdown, see if you get a higher reading from the clean air outlet than from the meter just sitting in your van near the heater. You could try smelling the air too. I had a 2kw heater that started to develop this issue. I found the intake combustion air pipe full of diesel from repeated attempted starts I guess, and it started to smell from the heater outlet so I replaced it. Espar are expensive, chinese diesel heaters are cheap. Just as good? Shrug. I like a unit that is easily replaceable and I like having spare parts. Also, I totally feel your concerns on air quality, I'm constantly exposed to combustion toxins from driving all day, then the generator, and my diesel heater, and black death popping up on my injectors every year or so.

  33. If the chambers are sealed off from each other you should not smell the diesel fuel from the air intake pipe, right? How can that be?

  34. You have exhaust leaking in the van? You must get a CO detector. Can you describe the issue further?

  35. I have two CO detector, the home ones are useless as the alarm setpoint is usually around 50ppm, I want to know way lower. I have an industrial one that detects 1ppm but no alarm setpoint. There is a new version Sensorcon that does.

  36. yeah, i've seen the speed indicator many times...but then determining the actual port type?

  37. Yup I'm getting 300 MB's with my M.2 enclosure and i'm happy already. YEah figured the omen should be fast as it's a 2020. I have a Dell 7400 2 in 1 laptop and it has two thunderbolt ports, i think older than 2020. maybe 2019.

  38. 300MB/s that's awesome. In recent copies /testing on the SSD 2TB I think I saw peaks of 150MB/s....but that was copying OFF a HDD. So not SSD to SSD.

  39. The Sandisk 2TB seems like a decent deal, but all of them are relatively slow like 1000MB/s. Just saw 40Gbps enclosures, use that with 40gbps ssd's and lightning port, can't beat that nor find a 40gbps external drive for sale.

  40. You should pay attention to it, if you have any health symptoms at all...if you feel you are super healthy, then I suppose the levels your exposed to isn't enough to produce any apparent symtpoms yet, but might when you get older.

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