1. Yeah, ik it's not food based, but considering there are cookies called "Adventure Cookie" and "Clover Cookie" I just sorta went with it

  2. What would the ingredients be though? Some cookies aren't named after their ingredients but still do have something.

  3. They're meant to be a burnt peppermint cookie (which explains the color pallet a little more)

  4. There ain't no way this has 22k likes

  5. The one thing in Genshin that I'd spend money on

  6. Honestly I feel that season 2 was generally the better season. Don't get my wrong, I love season 1 to death, but season one, in my opinion, was more interesting, had better mechanics (and more actual gameplay), had the most interesting antagonist, and looked even nicer

  7. Basic but "YOU DARE TO GAZE UPON ME?!"

  8. I feel like Keqing was a little wasted. I forgot she existed on multiple occasions because of her lack of appearance. I'm not even really sure what her personality is, I find her very forgettable. Hell, I mixed her up with Ganyu bc I thought I'd been Ganyu that showed up instead of her since I find Ganyu more interesting. I just find her sort of useless

  9. I'll easily take a trip through each nation, starting with each of my favorite places, listen to some sound tracks, then I'll fight my favorite 2 bosses (Cryo Regisvine and Geo Hypostasis), re-do a couple of story quests, spend all of my primos on wishes (possibly buy even more and wish extra), kill Timmie's birds, then in my final moments I'd either sit on the Venti statue or the beginning beach and just enjoy the ambiance and a sunset

  10. Mona. Love her character, love her design, love her story, but I despise her abilities with a passion. She was my first 5 star and I never used her after killing like 3 hillichurls with her abilities

  11. Sorry guys but I'm giving the chocolate to Loona bc dogs are allergic /j

  12. They immediately start quoting stuff from the show

  13. Omg your art style, I love it so much!

  14. Ohio is hell on crack, so I'm sure they could

  15. So um anyways I'm changing my birth month to June

  16. Fizz and Asmodeous. It's the only healthy AND interesting relationship

  17. Asmodeus is kinda mid tbh. Not bad, but mid. I think most of the ppl who like him and Paimon like them bc their voice actors have appeared in movies like Aladdin and their voices just make 'em fangirl scream like they were the next Jung Kook or Harry Styles

  18. I actually never knew they were famous voice actors bc I never pay attention to them

  19. The cherub's episode isn't the worst episode in the show. It's actually season 2 episode 2.

  20. FINALLY somebody else that didn't hate the Cherub episode

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