1. That’s correct in theory however, contingency shouldn’t cost more that 4/5k yearly. Not sure who’s quoting that to you or what indicators they are using to hit 8/10k yearly. That’s pretty steep.

  2. I’m assuming the quote was higher because it also was including contingent auto liability.

  3. The Secretary of State website. You are not a legal entity in the United States if you’re not on it.

  4. My old dumbass job did one of these, they warned us in advance, but one of the cops fired a shotgun blank like 10 feet from my desk indoors and I’m pretty sure I still have some hearing damage from that

  5. I went through this a year or so back and ended up electing not to get it. The policies I looked at basically only paid out if the carrier was completely uninsured, which should never happen if you’re doing your job correctly.

  6. Cool, I figured. didn't have much time to shop around on this one and it was only 5 miles from the ultimate receiver so I just pulled the trigger. Was just curious.

  7. only 17 pallets but yeah, so $153 each way total of $306 with no storage.

  8. 15 times…? Have you tried talking to these people to figure out wtf there problem is?

  9. That's a pretty significant difference. Do we have any guesses what might be responsible for the change?

  10. Because this doesn't appear to be a submission to our monthly piano jam, I've changed the flair on the post to 'other performance/recording'. You're welcome to change it to something different, such as 'Watch My Performance' or 'Critique My Performance' if you feel it would be more appropriate.

  11. Got it, thanks wasn't aware of the Piano Jam flair meaning. This isn't me playing, so the new flair works fine.

  12. That sucks, I used to really like this place when I lived in the short north. Oh well, hopefully Cameron Mitchell opens a Thai place there now! /s

  13. I play Rus and type "lol" as soon as I see the little man walking over

  14. Sorry if this breaks rules, I’ll delete it, but read “enough already” by Scott Horton

  15. Yeah, definitely seeing this too. Last few days have been frustrating.

  16. I got everything covered today but definitely has been tightening up. I pull out of the northeast and loads that have melted my phone for months I've had to call out on and even had to roll a few to next day due to no bites/nobody willing to run them.

  17. Thanks, this helps alot. Have you posted loads on DAT one yet? If so, is it any different in terms of volume of call ins. We have also noticed less emails/call ins on posted loads that historically we've been blown up on.

  18. No problem, been a big headache for me this week. I have posted loads on one, and then searched my own loads on Power, and vice versa they both feed to eachother so there shouldn't be any difference in call in volumes.

  19. Got it, I just went through DAT One very briefly, the search trucks and related trucks portion is terrible

  20. We are still on DAT Power, but I have been testing out DAT One since last week and color me highly unimpressed. If your load postings filter through to DAT through your TMS as ours do, here are the steps you need to take in order to view a list of trucks for a particular load:

  21. Yeah, I've been using One this week too because DAT refuses to fix an issue where my Power board doesn't display destination "anywhere" trucks which is like 75% of available capacity. One is awful.

  22. I also resist change completely. I hate it and the DAT one layout.

  23. yeah it looks like ass. Rep made it sound like everyone will be forced to change over in the next few months. Bastards... lol

  24. I don't understand these exams, always see people talking about them. Where do you go to take them? How many levels are there? Do you have to start with Grade 1 regardless of level?

  25. Hey, I recently went through the grind of finding a craigslist/facebook marketplace acoustic that wasn't totally junked. I'm not the most knowledgeable but can pass on some advice my teacher gave me:

  26. Was he mongols? One of their civ bonuses is getting 200 pop automatically and not needing to build houses. They’re the only civ that can do it

  27. French: forces investment in expensive unit. If aren’t carful and lose them, game over.

  28. For mongols, choosing your TC location is a massive eco bonus. Last game I played I had the TC perfectly on top of a wood line, gold, and berries. Basically don’t have to invest in any resource buildings early, plus have even more extra wood already from not needing houses. Throw up deer stones for yam network/increased villager movement speed, and you’re cookin.

  29. Thanks! I stay away from the big box stores and mostly clothing shop which isn't bad at all. Easton also has a lot of store that we don't locally have or we have the store but with 1/3 of the inventory.

  30. Fair enough, where are you from? I need to buy new clothes and have been putting it off for literally ages lol maybe I’ll go soon.

  31. I'm from Pittsburgh but visit Columbus 3-4 a year. I'm excited to see what the new Amazon style store has!

  32. Oh dang is that open now? Maybe I’ll swing by in a week or two

  33. For me, 300 is calm. Not short, not long. 400 is a decent size and 500 is where the “long books” begin. People who don’t read are often the ones who are surprised about the page number. I’d say 600-700 are sizable but there’s a couple 1k+ books.

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