1. I agree, always down for more Ford. Olive Signature has a nice blu-ray release of The Quiet Man

  2. Is that the blu-ray or 4K version of Baron Munchausen?

  3. Where’s a good place to find these movies?

  4. I love that Hiroshima, Mon Amour cover so much more than the blu-ray. I hadn’t seen it before!

  5. This is very good. Maybe someone knows what this “grainy” pencil look style is? I always associate it with the 70s and early 80s, but overall the style of the 80s and early 90s has more contrasting solid colors.

  6. It seems like pointillism mixed with a cross-hatching. That’s just what I think, but this site talks about it a bit more:

  7. This is probably the best answer haha, also probably the only film that could also possibly be considered pornography in the collection.

  8. Blue is the Warmest Color. Or, Pink Flamingos if you’re a freak.

  9. Totally agree. Been waiting for a blu ray of that film forever

  10. I’ve had photos come out like this on the same camera. It helped me to immediately put the picture in my pocket or somewhere dark so it can properly develop.

  11. Game of Death. It has some value with the few minutes of Bruce Lee footage, but it’s still haphazardly assembled exploitation schlock.

  12. Alongside what others have already mentioned: The Blob, Solaris

  13. I’m pretty sure Janus was in charge in the restoration of this film along with his other films. A disc/ boxset is likely

  14. Most recently I’d say Elvis, Top Gun Maverick, and The Batman. I agree that this bent isn’t necessarily something to deride in and of itself, most art working with that kind of money (and requiring box office returns) would have a conservative tint.

  15. Possibly the MCU. I’d be interested in seeing if future generations will be compelled to watch 20-30 films to comprehend a TV series or sequel.

  16. Recently watched Worst Person in the World and couldn’t help but think of it as gender-bent Annie Hall. Both are great though, just offer different, gender-specific perspectives

  17. You want to bet on a dude fuckin an alligator?

  18. the killers. 2 for 20 bucks sounded great, but I wish I could go back and tell myself, just because its a bargain doesn't mean its good.

  19. Both version are great imo, especially the Robert Siodmak one. What didn’t you like?

  20. I’d recommend House by the Cemetery if you want something off the beaten path

  21. You might be thinking of Zazie dans le Métro; there’s a shot in the film like you describe. I couldn’t find that specific shot on YouTube, but the films on Criterion Channel.

  22. Doesn’t have the same scope, but I’d recommend “Berlin a City Symphony.” Plus it’s a silent film so you could pair with your own soundtrack if you really wanted to.

  23. Criterion made a playlist of songs from his movies on Spotify. I’m sure it’s something like this:

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